Your vaccine story needed by Health Forum NZ for ‘important meeting’ to end mandates

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Update – Lynda says she has had 1,200 responses and so asks that no more be sent for now.

Update 2: The meeting was with the Human Rights Commissioner who declined to intervene on the government’s vaccination programme.

Health Forum NZ’s Lynda Wharton has posted the following on her Facebook group

Next week (week beginning Monday 21 February 2022) I am going into battle for you at an important meeting with people with power.

This is my opportunity to speak for you and advocate for an end to mandates. Do you want your job back? Then please don’t sit back and hope that others will turn the tide for you.

Lynda Wharton.

When I go into this meeting I need to know that I have a mountain of real stories from Kiwi’s about how the medical mandates have ruined your lives.

All of these stories will be submitted to people in positions of power.

This is what i need from you. I am asking you to email me at, if you have been affected by a workplace mandate, or a declined medical exemption.

Have you been vaccine injured and then lost your job because you won’t take the next dose and can’t get an exemption from either your doctor or Ashley Bloomfield?

Do you live with a medical condition that you believe increases your risk of serious harm from the jab…and as a result you have taken NO doses, and lost your job?

Have you been mandated out of your workplace because you have refused the jab on other grounds (what are they?).

I need your stories to present to those with power to influence the decision around the mandates.

Please note, I must have:

  • Your full name
  • At least one point of contact – e.g. your phone or email
  • Preferably (please try) with a digital signature
  • Please include your age
  • A brief summary of your professional history
  • In the subject box on email please write “mandated out”

Please use your voice. Speak up. Be a real part of the solution for you, your family, your children and your community.

Thank you, Lynda.

Note on Privacy: None of your stories will be shared on social media or released publicly. There is potential for the stories to be OIA’d but unless the story itself includes permission for identity to be revealed publicly, any OIA response would redact name, signature, email address etc so identity remains confidential.

FB post link here.

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