Your rights are ebbing away…Please act now!

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Jacinda Ardern’s government is quietly signing more of your rights away with an extension of laws that will impact you, your family and your children.

You may not have heard about it because mainstream media either finds it too boring to report or chooses not to hold this government to account. Even worse, opposition political parties appear quiet on the matter too! Where is the opposition to anything?

That’s another matter, but right now the hours and minutes are ticking down to a major change in the law and you – if you’re interested – have until 11.59AM, Monday October 11, 2021 to make your voice heard (one way or the other).

What we are talking about is the Covid-19 Amendment Bill and it is a shocker – even by Ardern’s standards.

Thankfully, the people at Voices for Freedom have created a template you can use to speed up your response. See it here. Please act now because time is running out.

The lawyers at Voices for Freedom write: “The Covid19 Public Health Response Act is an enabling framework that allows the Minister for COVID-19 Response (or the Director-General of Health in specified circumstances) to make COVID-19 orders to give effect to the public health response to COVID-19. It initially came into being after being rushed through Parliament in less than 48 hours with no open select committee consideration.

“At the time, the limitations it imposed were described as: ‘[A]rguably the most extreme and significant limitations on New Zealanders’ ability to freely go about our daily lives as has occurred in modern New Zealand history. Their broad scale and scope have the potential to significantly impact on people’s ability to socialise, do business, and move freely’.

“Nevertheless, and despite the degree of these restrictions, the legislation was held to be consistent with the our Bill of Rights Act on the basis ‘the limitations are necessary and can be justified in a free and democratic society‘.

“It was said that an unprecedented public health emergency required ‘a number of exceptional powers that would be unlikely to be justified in ordinary circumstances’.

“And here we are facing yet further extensions of government powers and limits on our fundamental freedoms.”

Below, Chantelle and Leighton Baker outline some of the key points of this legislation…(the video may take a moment to appear via Facebook)

Voices for Freedom outline its concerns below (also available here):

The problems with this Bill

  • This Bill measures move well past the minimum necessary to achieve public health aims and into the realm of totalitarianism. Many of the current and proposed measures are not proportionate, reasonable or necessary. They are not motivated by public health. Rather a political agenda that fails to have the interests of New Zealanders at its core. 
  • Clause 4(3) amends Section 3 – Extends the period of time that Act is in force until 13 May 2023.  Already the Covid Act has been in existence beyond the period of any real health emergency.  To maintain such powers of segregation, intimidation and detention equates to at least maintaining a totalitarian regime. 
  • Clause 7 amends the original section 11 of the Covid Act by adding significant further provisions. One such provision, section 11(4), provides that goods prohibited from entering a port or place by a COVID-19 order are prohibited imports for the purposes of the Customs and Excise Act 2018. This provision is unjustified and contrary to the public interest and the rights and obligations of the medical profession. It appears to be a means to prohibit the import of antigen tests and safe and effective medications effectively and efficiently adopted and utilised by many other countries (such as India in their early treatment protocols). 
  • Clause 9 replaces section 12.  The proposals are subjective and vague and seek to confer a right on Government to make any order, impose any restriction, decide any detainment, and restrict any treatment other than such treatment as the government should determine. Whilst at the same time bamboozling the average person.  
  • Under clause 10(b) the Minister’s ability to use delegated legislation to delegate discretion to any third party is contrary to the Rule of Law and public law principles. Further, the provision is subjective and vague and therefore fails this fundamental constitutional principle test. 
  • Clause 12 amends section 22 to allow a class of persons identified solely by their ancestry to have powers to block roads under the ’supervision’ of a constable, but there is no definition of what ‘supervision’ entails. This provision is in contravention of the Rule of Law principles that everyone is equal before the law.  
  • Clause 13 proposes increasing the fines by a colossal amount making them unequitable and beyond any level of appropriate or reasonable punishment. The changes proposed regarding fines are outrageous and warrant that a significant part of our submissions be focused on them. These proposals transgress the minimum necessary to protect public health aims and instead into the realm of deprivation and punitive action. Fines can be issued in much the same way as a person is issued a parking ticket. The first the person may be aware of his or her obligation to pay $4,000 for an alleged breach could well be weeks later when the person receives a notification in the mail. The amendments sought in respect of the massive increase in fees and fines are unreasonable, irrational and out of all proportion to the purpose they seek to achieve. They are yet another example of our government seeking to undermine the Rule of Law.   

General Observations

  • There is no justification whatsoever for either the original powers to be extended or additional powers added. Since the early days of the emergency measures in 2020 there has been a plethora of data which should have been incorporated into any measures used, especially when these measures take away fundamental freedoms.
  • Lockdowns are not working in New Zealand.
  • Other countries such as Sweden have in the main not had draconian measures such as hard lockdowns or mandated mask wearing and yet continue to have consistently low death rates.  Sweden has trusted its citizens to take personal responsibility and has adopted logical science backed measures. Florida, USA has taken a similar approach. Norway and Denmark have recently lifted all restrictions and are “living with the virus”.
  • Covid Plan B and the Barrington Declaration all have pathways out which manage the risks without the requirement draconian laws or the removal of fundamental freedoms.  It is important to note that the Covid Plan B plan explains that asymptomatic people do not spread Covid. Without asymptomatic transmission there is no justification for lockdowns, masks or the Covid Act.
  • There is a conspicuous absence of any educational drive from the Government to look at any other solutions. For example, there is no encouragement for those at risk of the virus to take responsibility for their health, lose weight, eat healthily, exercise and ensure they get sufficient vitamin D, C and zinc. Instead, the measures imposed have added to these health concerns by keeping people inside and sedentary and stressed. All efforts have focused on an experimental medical intervention and punitive lockdowns. 
    And all this for a virus with a less than 1% mortality rate even in the vulnerable. As discussed above, the measures adopted do not work and cause immeasurable damage, socially and economically.
  • The Government has not sought to expand medical capacity to deal with increased hospital admissions (if any) that it continues to expound will be the result of unmitigated spread.
  • Nor has the Government looked at therapeutics and the successes in other countries with tried and tested drugs as early intervention measures and to reduce hospital admissions.
  • The up-to-date health information requires a fresh approach and an open discussion of the path out of this ‘crisis’ with the full spectrum of scientists from across the world. Any measures need to be proportionate, taking account of the risks. The Government must be open and transparent with robust debate and accountability through checks and balances. 
  • Science turns into religion the moment you cannot question it.
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