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A reader writes to covid response minister Chris Hipkins…

10 November 2021: Rt Hon Chris Hipkins. In the lead-up to Mandate-Day on November 15th I find it interesting to watch what social and governmental systems this New Zealand government is willing to sacrifice and jeopardise in service of “Protecting the Health System”:

* The schooling system (many articles about schools losing teachers, including one school where every single teacher and the Board of Trustees are all adamantly unvaccinated)* Early childhood care* The police (recent article about 1200+ officers that would be affected if the government extended their mandate to the police, which the Police Commissioner is in favour of)

* The Health System itself (many doctors, nurses, and midwives losing their jobs, including 1/3 of all midwives serving Taranaki district)

No doubt there will be others that we won’t ever even hear about. But I think it’s interesting to meditate on the value statement that this decision makes – it’s much wider than “the greater good outweighs your individual rights”, it’s also a statement on what the government considers disposable.

Our children’s schooling system being thrown into the fire isn’t surprising given what we’ve been through with schools over the last two years; but it’s still interesting to see the decision so clearly laid out.

And of course, none of this even touches on the radioactive issue of what happens when this government turns on the tap of the 4,000,000+ boosters they’ve already signed the contract for. Suddenly “fully vaccinated” will require a booster.

So every single person that your mandate covers and who has signed up to it will be facing the reality that they will be getting a third shot in the not too distant future, or it will be their job disappearing that time around. Is the government so sure that everyone that complies with the existing “fully vaccinated” regime will be so content to get a third shot? What happens when we go down the same road as Israel and begin rolling out the fourth shots?

All this for a virus with an unarguably >99% survival rate.

The social ill being produced doesn’t even come close to being proportionate to the impact of the virus itself. People are dying deaths of despair. We’ve smashed the quality of life of an entire nation of 5,000,000 people – for going on two years now – all in service of the hubris of a government that told the people of New Zealand that it could control a highly infectious respiratory disease. The city of Auckland remains behind the modern equivalent of the Iron Curtain.

Medical apartheid is upon us. And the government still has not run its own formal independent evaluation of either Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, or even the ‘more respectable’ Fluvoxamine.

Minister Hipkins, as the Minister for COVID-19 Response, you have the power to change course. It’s still not too late for sanity to return to New Zealand’s COVID-19 response.

Conversely, every ill and harm visited on the New Zealand public by the disastrous public policy of the last two years must be seen as squarely your responsibility. Please, for the sake of all New Zealanders, rise to this occasion: have the humility to admit you got things wrong and change course. It’s not too late.

Jacinda Ardern should be arrested

9 November 2021: We, the free people of New Zealand, hereby call for the arrest of Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern for the crimes as listed hereunder:

a) Treason against the sovereign state of New Zealand – In that she has unlawfully and without just cause denied its citizens their rights of assembly, economic activity and free speech under the bill of rights and in contravention of established precedent and common law 

b) Extortion – In that she has unlawfully and unilaterally issued mandates and decrees that force citizens, industry groups, small businesses, civil services and social organisations to contravene freedom and basic human rights. This extortion has been carried out using widespread threats of economic, social and judicial punishment without due parliamentary process and without legal basis

c) Corruption – In that she has carried out multiple corrupt acts with respect to the media, numerous domestic indigenous groups and overseas corporate interests with the objective of undermining her country in order to further her own personal, idealogical and political interests 

Why was Hydroxychloroquine restricted?

3 November 2021: I write regarding the New Zealand Government’s absolute apathy and inaction with regards to investigating and proactively pushing promising and safe therapeutics for COVID-19 treatment – specifically, Hydroxychloroquine.

The story of Hydroxychloroquine is the story of an ineptitude so large that it becomes impossible not to see the involvement of malice.

Now, you may remember that Hydroxychloroquine was mentioned by US President Trump way back in March last year (March 19, 2020) as a potential game changer in early treatment of COVID-19. He was swiftly pilloried in the popular press all over the world, and we started seeing articles about how ‘dangerous’ and ‘risky’ Hydroxychloroquine was.

Not even a week later, on March 24 out of a clear blue sky, Pharmac here in New Zealand announced that Hydroxychloroquine would only be available on a funded basis for the indications it was already registered for ( I personally submitted an OIA request in February 2021 relating to this decision, and my request and Pharmac’s response is available on their website ( President Trump further announced on May 18 that he was himself taking the drug.

So, why then did President Trump discuss and use Hydroxychloroquine at all? Well, back in 2005, its predecessor chemical, Chloroquine, was evaluated against the original SARS virus, and it was concluded that it was a potent inhibitor of SARS; working as both a cure and a prophylactic (preventative), see the published, peer reviewed paper here: Note that this was published by United States Chief Medical Advisor Tony Fauci’s NIH.

So, why then did the NIH publish the research of serious scientists evaluating Chloroquine in 2005 against the original SARS? Why would those scientists even waste their time investing an “anti-malarial drug” against a virus?

Well, no doubt they were aware of the research undertaken way back in 1966 showing that the precursor and related molecules of quinine, chloroquine, spermine, and quinacrine were potent inhibitors of RNA polymerase transcription in-vitro; something that all RNA based viruses require to replicate (COVID-19 is a non-segmented RNA virus that replicates with the aid of RNA polymerase transcription). Here’s the 1966 paper:

So there’s a long pedigree of respected research going back over half a century that shows compounds such as quinine and chloroquine  (anti-malarial drugs!) can be effective antiviral agents. Tony Fauci had to have been aware of this when he dismissed President Trump’s endorsement of Hydroxychloroquine. Maybe Hydroxychloroquine is simply too dangerous?

Maybe all the scare-stories printed in the media about heart arrhythmias were accurate, and it would have been crazy to use Hydroxychloroquine (although they look a little silly now when held up against the ‘rare’ myocarditis and blood clot risks from the vaccines – but I digress). Well, The CDC describes Hydroxychloroquine as a safe, low-risk medicine appropriate for use among the elderly, young, pregnant, immunocompromised, and for extended (years-long) periods:

So Hydroxychloroquine, with hundreds of millions of doses delivered safely worldwide over the course of decades, which the CDC endorses as safe for essentially everyone, has a strong, peer-reviewed research basis to believe that it would be a worthwhile treatment to evaluate against COVID-19. Bear in mind, this is literally a life-or-death situation, with millions now dead worldwide from COVID-19, including 28 here in New Zealand.

So in July last year (2020), I wrote to our then Minister for Health, Chris Hipkins, to find out what action or information, if any, the Government was evaluating around the use of Hydroxychloroquine. He declined to answer and instead helpfully forwarded my request to the Ministry of Health to answer. They never did.

Later last year (2020) in November, after the election, once Chris Hipkins was the official Minister for COVID-19 Response, I sent a follow-up. In the interim, another two people had died in this country and we’d seen Auckland cut off from the rest of the country with checkpoints and restrictions – history that is now repeating today.

Meanwhile around the world, many countries had been using Hydroxychloroquine with great effect (and, importantly, few if any recorded negative outcomes), and there was a growing body of studies that strongly indicated it really did work out in the real world.

You might not have ever seen or heard of any of this, because the media in this country didn’t cover any of it, but it’s all out there (see for one example of the collection of data available). It seemed to me that Hydroxychloroquine deserved to at least be evaluated in this country, and so my mail reminded Minister Hipkins of the seriousness of the situation, and linked several of the resources available. He again referred me to the Ministry of Health, which, again, to this day, has never responded.

Well, fast forward to January this year (2021) and I finally decided that I wanted an answer: had our government evaluated Hydroxychloroquine? What were their conclusions? What actual science had Pharmac evaluated, for example, when restricting funded access to Hydroxychloroquine? So I sent an OIA request to the Ministry of Health. They forwarded it to Medsafe, and I got a response. You can see their official response attached to this email (H202100277 D.Dixon Response.pdf).

It seemed unbelievable to me that after more than two dozen deaths, endless lockdowns and restrictions, mask mandates, and so on, that the government had done nothing to evaluate a promising therapeutic that was in widespread use across the world. I forwarded the OIA response to Minister Hipkins to confirm whether it was, in fact, an accurate response.

Had the government really done nothing to evaluate this potential life-saving therapeutic? He forwarded my query to the COVID-19 Science and Insights group which responded in the affirmative (see attachment DR-CH203549.pdf). Despite, apparently, zero information having been properly evaluated by the government in relation to Hydroxychloroquine, I was assured by Gill Hall, Group Manager for that group, that they monitored research (Which research? None was specified, and of course, that’s what my OIA request had specifically been in relation to), and that, indeed, the company in charge of Hydroxychloroquine supply in New Zealand had not applied to Medsafe to use it for COVID-19 treatment and so therefore that nothing had really been evaluated.

So let’s summarise the situation:
* The precursor and closely related compounds to Hydroxychloroquine: quinine, spermine, quinacrine, and chloroquine, have been known since 1966 to inhibit RNA polymerase transcription – a key step in the lifecycle of RNA viruses which COVID-19 is affected by.
* The precursor compound to Hydroxychloroquine was confirmed by research in 2005 and published by the NIH to be a potent inhibitor of SARS, close relation to COVID-19.
* Hydroxychloroquine was mentioned in March of 2020 by the President of the United States of America (whatever you may think of him personally) and less than a week later Pharmac in New Zealand restricted funded access to it, on the basis of the say-so of the supplier here in NZ. I think it’s worth pausing here and contemplating how their rationale (which I will paraphrase as “supplies won’t keep up with demand and people currently using it for arthritis etc may miss out”) stacks up against a world altering, life-or-death pandemic that has seen New Zealand endure 20+ months of restrictions so far and 28 deaths. Surely, a pandemic would take precedence? But apparently not. COVID-19 was important enough to lock the country down for four weeks at the start of 2020, and again now in 2021, and interminably between, but not important enough to divert a promising therapeutic away from its use to alleviate arthritis. By the way, the TGA in Australia is using exactly the same reason right now to restrict access to another promising and safe therapeutic, Ivermectin – but once again, I digress.
* The Minister for COVID-19 Response has repeatedly ducked answering any questions relating to Hydroxychloroquine.
* The Ministries responsible for our public health response have, by their own admission, not spent a single cent evaluating a promising therapeutic in use by other countries around the world.
* The same government that has spent zero dollars evaluating a promising therapeutic, signed a speculative, multi-million dollar contract with Pfizer (and now we know – other manufacturers) for a vaccine that didn’t exist in any finalised form at the time, and may never have worked even if it did actually get finished and delivered (the same is now reported in the press here to be true with Novavax and others).

I have a lot of questions, but I have zero faith that any of them will be answered by the powers that be:

* Why is the government not interested in formally evaluating promising therapeutics without a commercial company prompting and paying them to?
* Why did the media so thoroughly savage the reputation of a widely used, manifestly safe drug that is on the WHO’s list of ‘most essential medicines’?
* Why was the same standard that was applied by the media to Hydroxychloroquine relating to heart risks not applied to the Pfizer vaccine, and others, with regards myocarditis, pericarditis, and so on?
* What accountability is there for the deaths, economic losses, and restrictions of personal freedom that occurred after Hydroxychloroquine first came to the public awareness, and yet remained unevaluated and unexamined by our public health institutions?

I’m sure if you think about it, you can come up with some questions of your own. The reality is, many people, myself included, see the above sequence of bad-faith decision making and wonder how necessary any of the interventions currently being pushed by the government actually are.

For example, if Hydroxychloroquine works, why would we need to wear masks? If Hydroxychloroquine works, why would we need lockdowns? If Hydroxychloroquine works, why would we need mass-vaccination? If Hydroxychloroquine works, why would we need border restrictions? And so on.

The question of whether Hydroxychloroquine actually works deserves, in my opinion, the most serious of proactive focus from our government. It is, in light of this new lockdown, possibly the most pressing question that the government and our institutions of public health could possibly work on. But they haven’t even looked at it.

Vaccine has ruined my life

31 October 2021: I am a born and bread New Zealander, with a congenital heart condition.

I have had several operations, an enlarged heart, arrhythmias (quadrupled and worsened by one medication already). I had fibrillation and had to be resuscitated as a result. A very extended “QRS” rhythm timing near the limit for fibrillation. Already had an anaphylactic reaction.

One (Pfizer) jab and suffering like never before – totally ruining my life – yet I was an extremely healthy person, no flu jabs and no flue for over 12 years.

The US, FDA and CDC have made acknowledgements, so has Medsafe New Zealand, about heart problems.

It’s caused Thrombosis, Anaphylaxis, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, Myocarditis / Pericarditus, Tinnitus, stillborns and miscarriages.

Yes, I guess I have committed suicide with my first jab – myocarditis (plus I also have tinnitus which I never had before.

It is obvious the Gov’t and Health are only listening to what they want to hear and ignoring the truth and the media is ruling the world with a one-sided story.

I’m off to the doctor to be referred back to my specialist before I die.

I won’t be another guinea pig

27 October 2021: In 1973 the NZ labour government sent me to the french bomb test on HMNZS OTAGO my was [with-held] the government ordered our ship to be 15 miles from the blast when it was detonated today out of 240 sailors on board 180 have died of cancer related illnesses.

I myself have skin cancer. We have never had an apology from the government for using us as human guinea pigs. And they want me to get an unproven vaccine. I will go to my grave before that happens.


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