Your support is needed in Wellington

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Updated with news of arrests – Hundreds of people are camped in the grounds around the Beehive in Wellington, but word is the police are starting to gather.

Ag Action Gatherings report the following…

“Many people the length of this country have stood to make their voices heard by participating or supporting the Freedom Convoy over the weekend.

“Many are peacefully camped outside the ‘wasp nest’ (beehive), but as always, it’s a numbers game and the Police are upping their numbers and applying pressure.

“PLEASE – if at all possible – can you support these people by joining them or even going down there for as long as is possible.”

As we all know, the team at Counterspin Media is doing a fantastic job of covering this protest and organising support.

But government ministers – who will be asking for your vote next year – need to see the strength of feeling.

Please do whatever you can – this is a pivotal moment in the future of this country and all its people – will you choose freedom or totalitarian tyrannical control for yourself and the generations to come?

“Terrible things happen when good men do nothing!”

If you are able to visit the grounds around the Beehive, ideally with something to help those camped out, please do so now. Today.

The Convoy has made a huge impact. And the peaceful protest must continue, ideally with your physical presence.

Men have died for our freedom. Let us not allow this government to undo everything they fought for.

Please go to Wellington’s Beehive today.

Update: Brett Power, who has vowed on performing a citizen’s arrest of Health Minister Andrew Little, has been arrested by police. 

Last week Power made allegations against Little at a New Plymouth police station, and gave police documents he had gathered. 

The following statement is from Wellington District Commander Superintendent Corrie Parnell: “Police have this afternoon (9 Feb) arrested three people on the grounds of Parliament after they attempted to breach the Police line. This is extremely disappointing as until this occurred, the activity of most of those present has been peaceful for the majority of the day.

“Police will maintain a presence at Parliament tonight and will continue to monitor activity recognising that people had a right to peaceful protest.

“Police remind the public that there will continue to be some disruption to traffic flows in central Wellington, and motorists should allow extra time as delays are likely this evening and tomorrow (Thursday) morning.  For the most part, traffic around the city is largely free-flowing.

“A small part of Molesworth Street remains impassable to through traffic and the area around Parliament, including the northern end of Lambton Quay and lower Bowen Street, should be avoided and alternate routes sought.

“Anyone with any specific concerns in relation to the protest activity should contact Police via 105.”

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