You naughty person – going out and about

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Commentary: It seems police in New Zealand are mind-readers, able to tell at a glance if someone has used their car for something police don’t consider to be essential.

From the South Island comes this letter (below) left by police on car windscreens in what must be an attempt at threatening and intimidating vehicle owners taking a drive out to go shopping or take a walk, perhaps with their pet dog.

For these people are returning to their cars to be told that they have breached alert level 4 rules and are deemed to be very naughty citizens who put others at risk. Because they might have a car accident and if they did, they might put others at risk of catching the lurgy.

If, buts, and maybes. That’s the state of the nation in clean, green, free, New Zealand.

Tell us again why our great-grandparents fought in a World War…

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