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By Richard D Hall

You may be aware that I have recently posted material from the investigations of Dr Pablo Campra who has examined various COVID-19 vaccination vials, and found very disturbing microscopic items within the vaccines.

His images have been examined by another person (Mik anderson) or group, who are posting their findings on the following blog website. I am not sure whether Mik andersen is a real person, or a pseudonym for a group of scientists working together.

I have read many of the scientific papers that the blog refers to and I cannot see anything nefarious or obviously erroneous in the claims being made.

Richard D Hall, independent researcher.

I’ve posted this video which gives a very brief summary of what it all could be pointing to (according to the evidence within the blog).

One very intriguing claim that has been made is that the nano technology within the bodies of jabbed people, can give off an identifiable Bluetooth signal!

If this is true, it means we have a smoking gun, that anyone can test and verify themselves. 

At this point in time I do NOT know whether this is true. 

Can people who have been jabbed give off a Bluetooth signal?

It sounds ridiculous, but it is being claimed by various parties who say they have carried out their own tests.

It is a little more tricky than you might think to verify this. Firstly, you need to download a Bluetooth scanning app onto your phone. You then need to find a willing volunteer who has been vaccinated.

You then need to go to a remote location where there are no Bluetooth signals. A scan of the vaccinated person can then be performed.

If the person does give off a Bluetooth signal, you can then verify this by asking them to walk some distance away and check if the signal disappears, then ask them to walk back and check that it re-appears.

Obviously all phones and other devices need to be switched off – apart from the one being used to do the scanning. [And the person carrying out the test can’t have been vaccinated.]

I have personally scanned three volunteers in this way. I did not detect a Bluetooth signal in any of the three tests, so I have not been able to confirm whether this is happening (at the time of writing).

Two of the subjects had both jabs but no booster jab. And one had both jabs and the booster. It’s very tricky getting people to agree to this test, for obvious reasons.

The purpose of this message is to ask people to perform their own test on people who they know, record it on camera and post me the results or share them online.

Note that if you are in a town location, you will typically detect more than 20 Bluetooth signals, so it is essential to travel somewhere remote. 

This is the Bluetooth App I used, although there are many more Apps that can be used. 

As I said I don’t know if the Bluetooth claim is true, but in order to know either way, we need to provide proof beyond doubt, which is where I need your help.

Please help out if you can persuade people to be tested. Email me at if you have any results to show.

Further information here. PDF report in English here.

Please share this story - thanks