Worries over a country divided by government mandates and restrictions

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Press release by The New Conservative Party

The Prime Minister’s warm smile is wearing off, and we can see the Labour government’s lack of compassion underneath. This is not the ‘Kind NZ”, that Labour promised. This is not the kind of New Zealand we know or want.

Instead of taking responsibility for the covid elimination failure, the Labour government is now treating the unvaccinated as if they are to blame, in spite of them having done no wrong.

Jacinda Ardern is turning the near 4 million vaccinated against the unvaccinated minority, to support her unfair discrimination against them. This is bullying of the worst kind.

The Human Rights Act 1990, in section 11, guarantees our human right to not have medical treatment forced upon us against our will: “Everyone has the right to refuse to undergo any medical treatment.”

Pro-vax or anti-vax is not the point. The point is the government’s refusal to honour our human rights.

By forcing job losses, loss of livelihoods, and prohibiting the use of most amenities and facilities we expect to use in our free society, the Labour government is forcing the public to comply. If our human and legal rights are not upheld by the government, we have none.

This clearly shows Labour’s intolerance for dissent. It does not respect human dignity, and the individual’s right to make free informed decisions regarding their own health.

Remember her words on 19 March 2020? She said ”We will continue to be your sole source of truth“ and “unless you hear it from us it is not the truth”.

We all suffered months in lockdown over two years to try and eliminate covid. We all sacrificed to achieve that goal, but due to government incompetence and MIQ failures, covid spread. Our reward for that sacrifice, is for our right to refuse unwanted medical intervention to be tossed away by the government.

This is not acceptable in a free and democratic society,

New Conservative calls on all thinking New Zealanders to loudly voice their opposition to such draconian measures and stop this rot while we can. Remember, Labour is just getting started.

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