Will organ harvesting follow forced vaccinations?

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By Bridget Jones, The Conservative Woman in the UK: DR Torsten Trey, the founder and executive director of Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH), gave an interview about China’s use of prisoners of conscience to provide organs for transplants. 

Dr Trey notes free voluntary consent is a foundation in Western medical systems and that the Chinese regime would like to tear that down in order to make forced ‘donations’ the international ‘common standard in transplant medicine’.

The goal, as he puts it, would be to rubber stamp the use of political prisoners as ‘a life source, a living pool of organ donors’.

The implications of Dr Trey’s statements for the future of treatments in the West and even (UK) NHS policies when taken in the broader context of the last year and a half are horrifying. There is no longer any ‘free voluntary consent’ when it comes to the Covid vaccination programmes.

We are no longer living under the auspices of a democratically elected Government acting in UK interests but instead a Chinese-inspired machine intent on domination over, not service to, the British people.

Since free and voluntary consent has gone out of the window with initiatives to coerce (and mandate in some sectors) vaccinations, on the grounds that we must all be jabbed to protect our fellow citizens, what is to stop the medical tyrants from ruling that if you have vital and healthy organs you must give them up for the common good as decreed by the state?

And what about nations such as Australia and America which are already building internment camps for returning travellers or for the unvaccinated? These sites will be set up with those unfortunates who have dared to travel abroad and for prisoners of conscience whom the government deems a ‘threat to public health’…

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