Why ‘no jab, no job’ does not apply to your MP

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In a bid to ensure all those in the Beehive are kept safe from covid-19 one wag asked the Ministry of Health if they’d implement mandatory vaccines for all members of parliament.

The response is surprising, as MPs appear to be above being told to do anything, if the screengrab response from Parliamentary Services (below) is anything to go on.

It says it is unlawful to obstruct or impede a member of parliament from doing their job, the implication being it is illegal to force a medical procedure upon an elected member of parliament as a condition of doing their job.

But don’t take our word for it. Ask Parliamentary Services yourself, and write to your MP asking if they have been double jabbed – get their answer in writing.

If MPs don’t have to, no one else should either. One rule for all.

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