Why are we sacrificing our freedom for a vaccine passport when even the boffins admit that two jabs don’t work?

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By Dan Wootton, Daily Mail, UK

Millions of folk like me will struggle to forget a deliberate and unnecessary stripping away of our freedoms which come with such serious consequences.

From this week, the unvaccinated will be excluded from ‘high risk’ mass events like concerts.

But this is just the beginning, given influential Covid hysterics like Michael Gove are pushing for health passports to be used far and wide.

We know the story by now.

If we don’t resist, it’s only a matter of time before Brits will be asked for their ‘papers please’ before entering the pub for a pint or ordering a Big Mac at McDonald’s.

Businesses that refuse to engage in such draconian practices will be fined and then shut by overzealous council inspectors.

Think I’m exaggerating? So-called liberal democracies across the globe, from the Netherlands to New Zealand, have already gone down this truly dystopian path.

But perhaps the most infuriating thing about the imminent introduction of vaccine passports by  law to England is that the whole thing is a completely and utterly pointless farce…

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