Who among us would now dob in Anne Frank?

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By Charles Coles – opinion

Once a harmonious country where the vast majority of people enjoyed a ‘live and let live’ culture. New Zealand was a place where every race, culture, and creed was accepted and welcomed, and where individual choice was respected with little if any judgment.

New Zealand was a great country of freedom, free choice, self-expression, self-determination, pull yourself up, take chances, and – more or less – do what you like and ‘good-on-ya’ if it’s a success. And sometimes, now and again, people would be motivated enough to protest and force those we elect to make different decisions on our behalf.

We were a team of five million with mutual respect for each other; help where you can, and if not – step aside.

That country has, for the most part, gone. I hope temporarily.

Today we have signs of a bitterly divided society where neighbours turn on neighbours, where friends turn on friends, and families turn on themselves. Why? Because of the non-stop bombardment of fear mongering about covid-19.

The police has received thousands of reports from members of the public dobbing friends and neighbours in for doing something as simple as meeting up in the street, and perhaps standing too close to one another, congregating in a public space in an orderly manner.

It’s almost like a Monty Python sketch were the Old Bill speeds to the scene of old ladies chatting on a street corner. Meeting up to do something other than climb the walls of their home out of boredom and allowing evil thoughts to pervade their otherwise positive disposition.

Allo, allo, allo – what’s all this then?

We’re just talking officer.

Not on my watch you don’t. Go home, stay indoors, and if I catch you again it’s the chokey for you – three to a cell.

Can you arrest us now?

There are stories of families literally arguing among themselves over whether to get the trial vaccine or not. Respecting each other’s choice appears to have gone out of the window.

People walking along the street wearing face masks, which are known to offer next to zero protection against the Covid virus, frown in the direction of those not following suit.

And with all this unease and disquiet that’s bubbling and exploding in homes, streets, villages, towns, and cities across our green and pleasant land – which starts and ends with prime minister Jacinda Ardern and her director-general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield – I started to wonder how long Anne Frank would have lasted before being dobbed in by a nosy neighbour to the Nazis.

For this is what the country is turning into. A population if snoops, snitches, government spies, turn-coats, narks, moles, and Jacinda-loving righteous do-gooders.

Had Anne Frank lived today and refused to be vaccinated I wonder how many pages of her famous diary she would have written before she was driven to distraction by emails, texts and phone calls directing her to book her jab – not to mention the constant bombardment of TV and radio adding to the propaganda.

Covid Jab good. No jab bad. Four legs good. Two legs better.

How long will it be before the Jabbing Army take to the streets going door to door with syringe in hand ready to jab the unjabbed on their doorstep?…

Won’t take a moment miss.


There you are. But you can’t go out because you might become a super-spreader!


Sorry love, anyone else at home? Got to meet my target to get the bonus payment…

What follows is a plagiarised section of text from the Anne Frank website. For those who don’t know Anne’s story, having seen the writing on the wall, Anne and her family fled Nazi Germany to escape persecution, but were dobbed in while they were in hiding in Belgium.

I sincerely hope you understand I am drawing on this text to make a point and not to cheapen the horrors of the Nazi regime of the Second World War.

In the following quoted text two words have been swapped out – see if you can spot them:

“Slowly but surely, the government introduced more and more laws and regulations that made the lives of the unvaccinated more difficult.

“For instance, the unvaccinated could no longer visit parks, cinemas…The rules meant that more and more places became off-limits to Anne.

“Her father lost his company, since the unvaccinated were no longer allowed to run their own businesses. All unvaccinated children, including Anne, had to go to separate schools for the unvaccinated.

“The government took things further, one step at a time. The unvaccinated had to start wearing a sign on their clothes and there were rumours that all the unvaccinated would have to leave…”

I agree, the above is pushing the point, perhaps a hair too far. But that’s how it starts you see.

One little nudge, then another, then a change in the rules, a bit of social pressure, follow the leader, a new law here, a new law there, and suddenly you are either with us or against us – and then otherwise rational people turn on each other.

The police follow their orders, the government points to the ministry of health, people get scared, make awful decisions, and then suspicion, distrust, and unrest spreads. It’s evil and affects people physically and emotionally.

Let’s stop being so damn judgmental, so bloody righteous when it comes to our friends and neighbours.

If it takes going outside to feel better then that’s no one’s business.

Live and let live.

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