Where was the mainstream media’s Convoy 2022 coverage?

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Press release – Kevin Stitt, New Conservative

My wife and I took our caravan to Gulf Harbour for a night on Saturday night. After walking some trails in Shakespear Regional Park we headed home at around 4pm Sunday.

We reached State Highway 1 and discovered traffic was thick and almost stopped. It didn’t take us long to see that we had found ourselves a convoy of concerned citizens seeking to be heard regarding the loss of freedoms and the move towards totalitarianism of this government.

We soon realised that this was one long convoy with huge support! On every overhead bridge was a line up of enthusiastic placard holders crossing all lanes of the motorway, and vehicles in both directions were hooting in support.

Initially we wondered if the convoy was blocking both lanes up front because all traffic was slow moving. But we discovered when we finally passed the leading vehicle as we came off the Harbour Bridge 30 kms later that they were being very considerate and using just one lane at all times.

We reached home in Auckland in time to watch the 6 o’clock news, but Newshub made no mention of it at all! We couldn’t believe it, so we switched to TV1+1 and watched there. They gave a 1 minute report on the Freedom Convoy saying casually that the convoy was about 20kms long! No interviews, few pics. Both gave extended coverage of the fear driven lack of Waitangi celebrations.

My wife read a first report in the NZ Herald which focused on trolls trying to upset the plans of the convoy organisers, but little on the convoy itself. However, they do deserve some credit for a short updated article explaining what was happening appearing later in the evening.

This was huge! How many tens of thousands of people were, and are, involved in this? What has to happen to gain more media attention, especially from TV? Does it have to be kind to the government to get any reasonable recognition and coverage?

This was a positive story, law abiding, well behaved, orderly, and respectful. Families from all walks of life filled vehicles ranging from double decker buses, to trucks, RVs, vehicles towing caravans and trailers, and cars of all makes and models, making a very peaceful but emphatic statement, receiving little recognition as being newsworthy.

New Conservative asks the Mainstream Media why such a massive statement is almost ignored? Does it have to turn ugly to get any attention? The media should be giving full coverage to any story that rallies the commitment of such numbers of people..

We also call on the government to listen to the voices of these tens of thousands of ordinary Kiwis sick of increasing government reach into their lives, ruining their freedoms, even their careers, and ultimately their lives. It’s time to back off!!

New Conservative supports the sentiments and the respectful manner of this demonstration. Well done ordinary NZers.

Kevin Stitt
New Conservative Board Chair
021 2815759

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