Where is the ‘informed consent’ for covid jabs?

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By Sally Beck,The Conservative Woman

THE NHS (in the UK) has a rather lovely, colourful, ‘easy to read’ form to be handed to people receiving Covid-19 vaccines.

It explains in simple language why you should get it, what to expect when you’ve had it, and how it will protect you from Covid. You sign your name to indicate that you have read the form, and that you understand and agree that you have given informed consent.

The only side-effects the easy-to-read form mentions are a sore arm, fatigue or headaches. Nowhere does it talk about blood clots that you can develop after the AstraZeneca shot, Bell’s palsy, which is facial paralysis that Pfizer has just added to its list of adverse reactions, or anaphylaxis that you can suffer if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients in any of the shots.

Sight of the form is as rare as a balanced BBC Covid report. According to a straw poll of 10 people who suffered serious adverse reactions, none had been asked to sign a consent form, which means informed consent was not given. Most get to read about potential serious side effects only after they’ve received the shot. 

One woman, who does not want to be identified but let’s call her Julia, whose pro-vaccine father died after receiving the Pfizer vaccination in January, secretly filmed the ‘informed consent’ process…

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Download the informed consent summary from the UK Medical Freedom Alliance here.

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