What will we do once the Zit covid variant has been named by WHO?

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Report and commentary: The greatest minds at the World Health Organisation are worried, kept awake at night with a dilemma of astronomical proportions.

A dedicated group at WHO working on the covid virus response is concerned there are not enough letters in the alphabet to handle all the covid variants that could emerge over the coming months and years, according to a report by the UK Independent newspaper.

We are at letter D right now with the Delta variant (first spotted in India). So while there are plenty of letters to go yet, the great and the good are preparing for the day when the letter Z is used – possibly for the Zit, Zap, Zilch, or Zeus variant.

So the ‘experts’ (actual doctors no less) are preparing to use the names of star constellations. One day soon, after we have all been offered two jabs plus any number of six-monthly boosters (to keep other people safe), there could be variant Orion, Gemini and Capricorn etc (not necessarily in that order).

“We’re actually considering star constellations. We were going to go with Greek gods or goddesses, and I said please, please don’t make me say that publicly,” the WHO’s Dr Van Kerkhove told The Daily Telegraph with a straight face.

Does anyone remember the annual flu being given names such as these? As far as The Buzz team is concerned the flu had the same name every year. We only ever had a Bad Flu! (although in truth none of us have had the flu, or a flu jab).

Still, Big Pharma laps it up because every time a so-called new covid variant is named, it gives them an excuse to create a new version of the jab. Doubles and triples all-round. Cheers!

Pictured above the star constellation of Orion.

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