We know who the most dangerous people on the planet are

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By Guy Hatchard

Is genetic manipulation endangering the stability of society? To answer this, we will have to consider the potential effects of novel genetic technology more deeply. The Hatchard Report has written extensively about our lack of understanding of the interaction between DNA and higher human functions (past articles can be reviewed in the Genetics section of our website). The importance of understanding the contingent risks cannot be overstated.

It says a lot about the primitive state of our knowledge of genetics that after two years of painstaking assessment, no consensus has been reached about the origins of coronavirus. Many geneticists have of course made up their minds based not on the highly unusual nature of the virus, but on its familiarity. It contains genetic sequences well known to science which appear to have been fudged together by researchers, possibly as part of a bioweapons programme.

In fact genetic engineers are currently the most dangerous people on the planet, they are putting serial killers and war mongers to shame. You may question whether it is possible to argue that genetic manipulation inevitably endangers the integrity of human DNA. The fact is that our DNA functions as part of a wider epidemiological network. Even disruption or alteration of this subsidiary network is quite sufficient to cause serious health problems.

…genetic engineers are currently the most dangerous people on the planet, they are putting serial killers and war mongers to shame…

Even fragments of genetic material pose dangers

summary published by Nature on May 11th reports that viral fragments known as coronavirus ghosts are probably causing or complicating serious and lingering problems including long covid. They have been found to persist in the human gut for months where their continued presence can exhaust the immune system.

The extent of our current understanding of genetic function is wildly exaggerated. No geneticist can even construct a single cell organism from scratch. Not even close, a million miles away in fact. To date, what geneticists can do is fiddle about with natural genetic structures and maim their holistic function, or combine fragments from different organisms or biochemicals, rather like a five year old left with a book of matches and a box of fireworks.

Real world data illustrates the non-linear nature of DNA functions

To illustrate this further, consider the growth of commercial DNA testing. Unlike much of the theory of genetics, which is nascent and incomplete, the results of commercial DNA testing are built on the analysis of empirical data from millions of DNA tests. As such, many of their findings and conclusions are highly indicative. This real world data is fascinating to the genetic scholar.

DNA testing offers information about ethnic origins. Our popular conception about the linear character of genetic information leads us to suppose that the ethnicity of the child will be some combination of the ethnicity of the parents, just as the DNA of the child is a 50-50 combination of the DNA of the parents. This is not the case.

One parent may have 48% English, 25% Celtic, 22% Scandinavian, and 5% Jewish. The other parent 58% Celtic, 38% Scandinavian, and 4% Italian. BUT their child might have 50% Scandinavian, 32% Celtic, 14% Iberian, 2% Italian, 1% Nigerian, and 1% Jewish. These are real figures. So where does the child’s Iberian and Nigerian heritage, not found among the parents, come from?

The answer is that DNA is not strictly linear in the sense that we understand a book, the various combinations of the genetic sequences give rise to the expression of novel characteristics not found in the parents. The child in this case did look Spanish, does have an element of latin temperament, and their eye colouration is correctly predicted by the reservoir of empirical data analysed by the DNA testing company.

Changes in genetic sequence, content, and function can and do have major consequences for genetic expression…

The deeper understanding of this phenomenon will likely come through an understanding of human consciousness and identity, whose source may never be understood by objective science but rather through its subjective exploration and reasoning. However, mind and matter are two sides of one coin and do influence each other.

DNA is a rigid taskmaster

Changes in genetic sequence, content, and function can and do have major consequences for genetic expression and that perforce includes our personality and social interaction. Our DNA is our rulebook, and it strictly enforces its own code in controlling our physiology and psychology. Change the rulebook and the consequences can be unpredictable.

You arrive at a football match, unknown to the players, the referee has been substituted. The new referee knows nothing about the rules of soccer, he has made them up and is about to rigidly enforce them. Imagine the ensuing chaos, consternation, and sheer disbelief.

Now imagine the situation if virtually all the players have such a deep belief in the authority of referees that anything that they do and say has to be accepted. There will be chaos, but no consternation or disbelief, just uninformed random mayhem.

…mRNA inoculation has changed the way our immune system functions.

Our genetic system commands acceptance much like the referee, our physiology and psychology has to comply. Change the DNA, its expression and function or its wider epidemiological network, even in a minor way, the physiology and psychology must respond. The consequences are going to be unpredictable, that is a known law of genetic manipulation.

Government control of the pandemic response has been a disaster

Our government claims that 95% of the eligible population have received the mRNA vaccination, although only 70% have been boosted, no doubt after the first shots left a bad taste in their mouth and the prospect of endless jabs was daunting. mRNA inoculation has changed the way our immune system functions. Has this changed the temperament of the New Zealand population? You decide. The risks are real.

Covid Response Minister Chris Hipkins has struck a positive note. Requirements for pre-departure Covid testing are being phased out. He also reminded us that the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act has an in-built sunset clause and must be repealed by May 13, 2023.

Be warned, Hipkins added that he planned to incorporate its provisions into existing legislation and added that the management of the virus should become a part of the normal functioning of government.

…Only the cessation of genetic experimentation can protect us from more injury…

Do you think that our government is capable of managing the outcomes of uncontrolled biotechnology experimentation? No it is not. Biotechnologists are not honestly warning the government of risks, just as the family members of criminals often shield their black sheep and provide them with alibis.

The biotechnology industry has been operating a Ponsi scheme

The commercial biotechnology industry has been running a con. The technique is to make big promises to encourage investment and grants. There is nothing too large to promise – freedom from disease, long life, …When nothing is achieved and problems inevitably occur, you make even bigger promises and ask for more money. Nothing is said about the risks.

As a result, biotechnology has become a highly influential part of our society accounting for much of university funding and speculative investment. At root ,the hype is based on an improbable dream and phantasm. In actuality, biotechnology is presenting the world with an elevated risk profile that threatens to dwarf all others.

Just think, the whole basis of our society, health, creativity, kindness, intelligence, morality, happiness, and so much more relies on the optimal operation of our DNA. Risk that and you risk everything, including even topical issues like the integrity of the global supply chain and social stability.

Time to say it clearly – we made a big mistake. Millions have died from the cure and the cause. Only the cessation of genetic experimentation can protect us from more injury, mental turmoil, deaths, and global catastrophes.

Guy Hatchard PhD was a senior manager at Genetic ID a global food safety testing and certification company (now known as FoodChain ID).

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