We are winning the battle against Jacinda Ardern and her spineless backbenchers – push forward

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Photo above, protesters make their way to the Governor General’s home in Auckland on Saturday, 4 December.

By Charles Coles

The government created friction between the vaxxed and unvaxxed in a predetermined and calculated move. It did this so the vaccinated would coerce the doubters to get the jabs, and for the most part it worked.

Jacinda Ardern and Ashley Bloomfield have twisted the facts, used language to scare people, used weasel words such as ‘may’, ‘could’ and ‘possible’ when spreading the fear of death on TV. These people and their like are a disgrace to all humanity.

But now even the double-jabbed are asking questions as their much-promised freedom is still limited under the government’s Traffic Light laws. Laws that can turn any location on its head with two-days’ notice. There is no certainty when it comes to planning anything because Ardern can open and close the freedom tap on a whim.

So now even the double-jabbed are wondering why they got vaccinated at all, and wonder why their young children should be jabbed against something that doesn’t really affect younger people at all. Even Stuff admits the government’s covid case and hospitalisation figures are – for the most part – bulldirt.

Stuff says the Health Ministry counts any person in hospital with Covid as a hospitalisation – even when they visit hospital with some other ailment and have no symptoms.

“This counting method has skewed statistics worldwide,” reports Stuff. “Particularly for reported hospitalisations in kids…”

So now we know – many of us already knew this a year ago – but no one was listening. Too many people didn’t want to listen. But now MSM is reporting it, it’s true.

Now the double jabbed are wondering what it is all about, and the penny is slowly dropping when it comes to the division the government has caused with its vaccine mandate and seeing their non-vaxxed friends excluded from some parts of society.

They are asking questions, joining anti-mandate protests, and turning on Ardern and her gutless MPs who stood by and approved her disgusting legislation.

Ardern and her filthy cohorts know we are onto them. You can see it in their body language on TV. They are uncomfortable, shrinking, using double-speak, and it is no thanks to the soft-ball questioning from the government-funded media and Ardern’s friends in the press pack.

Ardern is backing off, she can smell the dissent, she knows she has pushed the people too far and they are now starting to organise like never before. Alternative systems of commerce and cooperation are evolving and new friendships and alliances forming.

Ardern is on the verge of being put on the back foot and stepping ever-so-quietly away from her cast-iron grip on the country. Kiwis of all-persuasions are starting to revolt.

Some overtly, the majority – the Kiwi way – covertly. Subtle non-compliance is rife as business owners turn a blind eye to those not scanning in to keep the tills ringing while others pretend to scan in here, there, and everywhere. Few care any more because we are all sick to the back teeth of it.

The battle against Ardern is starting to bite – not too hard yet, but the people’s teeth have nipped Ardern’s ankle with a threatening growl and a bark.

After a year of being asleep, summer has woken the masses and they don’t like what they see.

And among those is a vocal minority who fled to New Zealand from oppressive regimes such as South Africa, Zimbabwe and parts of Europe. They see the government and the systems it is implementing in your name for what they are, and I can tell you now, they won’t stand for it.

Ardern’s days in high office are numbered.

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