Warkworth transport hub gets green light

Auckland Transport (AT) has begun construction of the new Warkworth Community Transport Hub, led and funded by Rodney Local Board through the Rodney Transport Targeted Rate. The hub includes a Park & Ride, bike parking and other transport facilities.

Costing approximately $3.7 million the new station will feature:

  • A bus layover
  • Two bus stops
  • 137 car parks, including 15 short-term and four accessible parking
  • Footpaths
  • A signalised pedestrian crossing across Great North Road
  • Two toilet blocks
  • Bike parking
  • Lighting
  • CCTV

Originally projected to cost around $5 million, a competitive tendering process undertaken by AT, has resulted in the project cost being confirmed at $3.7 million.

The project is part of the Rodney Local Board Transport Targeted Rate which means that the board will now have an additional $1.3 million to invest in other projects in the targeted rate programme.

Murray Chapman, manager of One Mahurangi (business association), says parking in Warkworth has been a real issue with a lack of parks for our retail staff.

“This hub will free up parks for people to come and spend money and support our local businesses.”