Vaccine pioneer Dr Robert Malone questions ‘experimental’ Pfizer jab – wants Fauci to resign

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First published by Life Site News, USA

Regulatory agencies in the US including the CDC and FDA are “profoundly corrupt” and have pushed experimental Covid vaccines on the population with “grossly incomplete” data that does not meet even the bare minimum standards for safety, says mRNA vaccine inventor Robert Malone.

After reviewing Pfizer’s Covid vaccine data presented to the Japanese government, Malone said he was “shocked” and “demoralized” at what he discovered.

The agencies allowed the pharmaceutical giant to proceed with human trials and granted Emergency Use Authorization for its Covid vaccine based on its “grossly inadequate information package”.

The company appeared to have simply “cobbled together information that they’d obtained with other RNAs and other vaccines and put it in as a package in lieu of doing the actual studies,” said Malone, a vaccinologist whose main work has been in assembling and coaching teams to solve public health problems, often but not exclusively, for the government.

Malone said he was so shocked by Pfizer’s poor data that he had another senior regulatory affairs person review it to confirm his observations.

“It’s profoundly demoralizing,” the scientist said, adding that from his point of view the vaccine regulatory agencies are “profoundly corrupt” and “essentially acting outside any judicial restraint.”

Malone has observed that the government practice runs “almost always end up with authoritarianism … enforcing something on the population that they don’t want to do.”

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