Vaccine-induced myocarditis in young people ‘more serious’ than covid-induced myocarditis

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By Debra Heine

Dr. Peter McCullough (pictured), a top cardiologist and leader in the medical response to the COVID pandemic, said in a recent interview that myocarditis in young people post vaccine is far more dangerous than the COVID version of the heart disease.

Cases of myocarditis—inflammation of the heart muscle—have spiked dramatically among previously healthy people in heavily vaccinated countries. Health officials have maintained that vaccine-induced myocarditis is rare, and worth the risk because COVID-induced myocarditis is much more prevalent.

During a wide-ranging interview with Dr. Al Johnson of the Real News Communications Network, McCullough expressed an alternative viewpoint.

He told Dr. Johnson that the type of myocarditis that occurs with a natural infection is very different from the myocarditis seen in people who have been vaccinated.

In the COVID-19 cases, the heart inflammation happens mainly in those who are in the intensive care unit with severe COVID, and who have an elevation in their troponin levels, McCullough explained.

Troponin is a type of protein found in skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle. Measurements of cardiac-specific troponins are used as diagnostic and prognostic indicators in the management of myocardial infection and acute coronary syndrome.

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