Vaccine apartheid is here – and the people love it

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By Charles Coles

As predicted as far back as a year ago, Covid Passports are being introduced by New Zealand’s Labour government, led by Jacinda Ardern. A year ago her government said it had no plans to introduce such a thing.

But we have, by now, gotten used to this government’s see-saw, carrot & stick, push-pull, one gentle-step-at-a-time, management of the population. Ardern reminds me of a school ma’m; smiling at the prefects and scowling at the naughty children.

On Monday 4 October, in the eighth week of Auckland’s mentally challenging level 3 lockdown, Ardern released the pressure a smidgen – allowing bubbles to mix ad-infinitum – only to introduce covid passports the next day.

On Tuesday she introduced two boffins to her TV audience to explain how their covid passport system would work, clearly this wasn’t something they made up over the weekend. It must have been on the drawing board for months. Yet, not a word from our leader, her deputies, or hangers-on.

To get a covid passport you need a RealMe account, the site crashed within minutes of Ardern’s announcement.

Like it or not, the majority (80%) of the country’s population is on its way to being herded into an all-seeing pen by the Labour government, un-challenged by the country’s unions, legacy media, or opposition political parties.

While Ardern says the covid passport is only for large events, we can already guess it will be applied to all eventually. Cafe and restaurant owners are already calling people who have not been vaccinated silly names and demanding the passports be used everywhere.

Exercising their freedom to associate with others on Tuesday, some friends of The Buzz were at an Auckland coffee shop and got chatting to the people sitting at a nearby table.

Those at the table opposite told our friends they wouldn’t allow an unvaccinated person into their home, that everyone should be vaccinated no-matter-what, and entry to public places – such as the coffee shop – should be restricted to white people, er fully vaccinated people.

Given recent events, our friends were in two minds on whether to return to their homeland after 15 years in New Zealand. Unfortunately, that conversation was the last straw and helped make their decision. The country is about to lose a dedicated nurse and a brilliant IT engineer.

Of course, if you believe the vaccine works, the vaccinated have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated. And if you think the covid vaccine will protect you, then think again. It may only work for six months according to Pfizer, whose scientists also say natural immunity (herd immunity) is stronger than the vax.

And while the government’s list of professions that should be compulsorily vaccinated increases, it maintains vaccination is a free choice.

It’s just that if you are not vaccinated, the day may come when you won’t be able to do much more than see your doctor and buy food. If that’s the country you want, you are in the right place. But it makes one wonder why people have died fighting for freedom and liberty. If New Zealand had any oil to speak of I am sure Biden’s military would be rushing in to protect our freedoms and install a democratic government.

But to close off, are we being vaccinated – with six-monthly boosters on the cards – to protect the health system, or is it a ruse to introduce a national ID card? Time will tell.

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