Unvaxxed residence class visa holders allowed in to New Zealand

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BusinessNZ welcomes the Government’s announcement that residence class visa holders who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 will be able to enter New Zealand from 6 May 2022.

The organisation’s CEO Kirk Hope says it’s good to see the Government apply a risk lens which is pragmatic given the skill shortage and workforce challenges currently facing businesses.

“The rest of the world has begun to open up around us and reduced barriers to travel. It’s time to welcome the world back to New Zealand or risk playing catch-up for longer.”

Hope says the 2021 Resident Visa has been a positive move to ensure business can retain their workforce.

“Workers should have the confidence to reconnect with friends and family overseas, without fear they will be prevented from re-entering New Zealand,” he says.

“We encourage the Government to now apply this mode of thinking across all classes of immigration and bring forward dates for the Reconnecting NZ strategy.”

Hope favours a simple, easy to understand and permissive immigration policy that supports economic growth.

“New Zealand needs immigration at all skill levels, and we need to welcome migrants back to New Zealand and acknowledge the contribution they make to the economy and our communities.”

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