Unvaxxed in Perth face harsh restriction come 31 January – woman arrested for not showing her papers

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By Michael Coles

As New Zealand awaits Jacinda Ardern’s announcement on Monday 17 January as to what she plans to do next to punish those who have chosen not to be injected with a covid jab comes a hint from Western Australia.

It’s premiere (they all seem to be singing from the same song-sheet) says the unvaxxed can’t go to a pub, bottle shop, dancing or visit people in hospital.

“Life will become very difficult for the unvaccinated from Friday 31 January,” says Mark McGowan. “No pubs, no bottle shops, no gym, no yoga classes…No hospital or aged care visits.”

As he nervously rubs his tie to the sound of camera clicks, McGowan says: “If you choose to remain unvaccinated, and at this point it certainly is your choice…”

The implication being that compulsory vaccination could be on the agenda.

Governments the world over have tried fear, coercion, social pressure, bribes, lies, and threats. Yet a small minority still say ‘no thanks’. It’s their choice, and that should be respected.

The Buzz won’t share rumours, but we wait with bated breath on Ardern’s next move.

Meanwhile, the screws are turning in Queensland as police check people’s vaccine passports. And this is very disturbing because these scenes are being played out across Australia and elsewhere.

In this case, two vans with five of Queensland’s best arrived to man-handle a 46-year-old lady into a paddy waggon while pulling her phone and shopping away from her right hand. Apparently, someone called the police to dob this lady in.

At the end of the video we see people sitting outside a Hervey Bay cafe drinking coffee who did nothing to support the lady or challenge the police. The gutless wonders just sat in silent agreement and watched the public display of force as if it was something on a true crime TV show.

The woman was fined AU$1,300 according to The Daily Mail report.

Scenes such as these are public displays of force carried out to frighten everyone else. Mind games played on people who also fear being arrested for not showing zee papers.

What has happened to Australia? Where’s the Aussie spirit gone? And will it be repeated here? And if it is, who among you will challenge it?

One thing I know for sure, Ardern is basically full of hot air and empty threats. In my mind she is a bully (I hesitate to call people names), and folds like a cheap shirt when challenged. She’s on a sticky wicket and time is running out. But anyone – vaxxed or unvaxxed – who wants to live in a free country had better wake up quick smart.

What we can’t afford to do in God’s Own is allow anything like what is happening in Australia to happen here. The Kiwi way is passive aggressive non-compliance. And that’s all it will take to break the government’s plan.

Remember the introduction of the TV license in New Zealand? It came in with threats and fear. No one bought a license and the policy died a death. Just one example…

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