Untested covid jab ‘should never have been released’

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THE covid ‘vaccine’ rollout should be stopped immediately says Dr Roger Hodkinson, a retired pathologist who chairs an American biotechnology company who says it should never have been released for public use.

His warning comes as the UK’s regulator is being urged to declare the covid jabs as ‘unsafe for use in humans’ because of the high number of vaccine-attributed deaths (1,253) and adverse reactions (888,196, with 256,224 individual reports) over the five months to May 26. Hodkinson describes this report, by Dr Tess Lawrie, as ‘a devastating analysis of the whole mess’. 

In a hard-hitting interview with former BBC and ITV journalist Anna Brees, Dr Hodkinson says a ‘vast number’ of physicians do not buy into the ‘idiocy’ of the global vaccination campaign, but are reluctant to speak out because they fear for their jobs. Pressure to conform has come from politicians, mass media, and the medical colleges. 

You can watch the interview here.

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