UK doctors and scientists warn against covid jabs for children

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By Lucy Johnston – Health Editor, The Express

More than 30 doctors, scientists and MP’s have signed a joint letter to the UK government’s vaccine watchdog urging it to “reassess” the Covid vaccine rollout for healthy 12-15 year olds following new data showing potentially serious harms of the jab are likely to outweigh any potential benefits.

The letter has been signed by 12 scientists, medical experts and 21 peers and MPs including the former president of the Royal College of General Practitioners, a former government vaccine advisor, paediatricians and experts in infectious disease as well as 21 politicians and peers.

They say: “We need to take a step back from some of the panicked thinking of the pandemic; only in calmly assessing the evidence can we make sure we’re acting in the best interests of our precious children.”

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