TV1’s Jack Tame tripped up by scientist Dr Simon Thornley

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Jack Tame, presenter of New Zealand State TV show Q+A is seen in the video clip below interviewing career public health expert and epidemiologist Dr Simon Thornley of the Covid Plan B group.

The group is advocating a more relaxed approach to the Covid-19 lockdowns than the Jacinda Ardern-led government has imposed on the country under the guidance of Dr Ashley Bloomfield, the Ministry of Health’s CEO.


During the interview, broadcast by TV1 on Sunday 6 September 2020, Dr Thornley (a senior lecturer at the University of Auckland) reminds Tame that he had referred to Covid-19 as not being much worse than the flu earlier in the year.

It seems Tame forgot about his commentary on commercial radio station Newstalk ZB on 14 March 2020.

While no one has a perfect memory, it does appear that Tame was keen to stick to the party line during the Q+A segment and not accept Dr Thornley’s expertise in infectious deceases – preferring to live in the past rather than accept new scientific evidence gathered and analysed during the past six months.

What would have made interesting TV of course, would have been Tame putting questions to Dr Thornley and Dr Bloomfield at the same time – a debate in the public interest. Although due to Dr Bloomfield’s recent media training it wouldn’t be an entirely level playing field.

Being scared is a ‘reasonable reaction’ because of government propaganda….

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