Time to review covid mandates as the facts become clearer

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By Guy Hatchard

Vaccination confers immunity, but it allows transmission. Vaccination protects against symptoms, but wanes rapidly and disappears. Israel mandated booster shots, but covid deaths doubled last week.

Vaccination is safe, but causes 50 times more adverse reactions than other vaccines. Vaccination will protect society, but there is unprecedented excess mortality. Young people are at risk from covid, but their risk is minuscule.

Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchard.

Covid is a ‘killer’, but it is just 1.5 times more deadly than regular flu. Covid will overwhelm health services, but they are functioning overseas. Vaccination will develop herd immunity, but it doesn’t… So many myths are repeated by our media.

A couple of days ago I sent out a press release to our NZ media about a paper in the journal Circulation reporting that covid vaccinations had elevated the five year risk of a cardiac event from 11% to 25%. (They can tell this from a blood test looking for tell-tale markers).

Did our mainstream media report it? No.

In the UK it caused a stir. The lack of any reaction to this and other contradictory findings is increasingly looking like a conspiracy of silence. How long will we have to wait until the penny drops?

It is time to review covid mandates and reconsider how much dominance, hope, and fear, are contaminating our perception of covid facts.

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Guy Hatchard PhD was previously a senior manager at Genetic ID, a global testing and safety certification company which manages risk.

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