Time running out to have your say on water fluoridation

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If you want to have your say on whether the nation’s water should be fluoridated at the whim of the Director-General of Health then you have until 18 June to make your voice heard – go HERE.

The Health (Fluoridation of Drinking Water) Amendment Bill (aka the Mandatory Fluoridation Bill) passed its Second Reading on Wednesday supported by all parties.

Fluoride Free New Zealand’s radio commercial is on stations across New Zealand, urging listeners to send in their feedback…

Because the Bill has changed since it was first introduced into Parliament, the Bill is now going back to Select Committee. The change to the Bill is to shift decision making solely into the hands of the Director-General of Health (currently Ashley Bloomfield) and takes away all rights for any community to have a say.

Fluoride Free NZ urgently need everyone to put in a submission, big or small, and let this Government know your feelings. Even though you may understandably feel we have parliamentarians that do not listen to the people, we still need to voice objection otherwise we are seen by them as agreeing. A submission can be as basic as “I do not consent”. All submissions are counted.

Fluoride Free NZ says: “It is beyond belief that these parliamentarians can be so closed minded, so uninterested in real health, so lacking in common sense that they think adding toxic industrial waste to drinking water is a sensible health initiative.

“They are so far removed from the science that they choose to ignore all the compelling science that has been published in the last few years, and not only continue with this absurd practice, but want to force it on the half of New Zealand that has never had it.

“Let them know how you feel. Please also choose to give oral feedback. This can be done by Skype or phone, although having as many people at Parliament on the days of the Hearings is really important

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