Time for Labour MPs to resign and send Ardern on her way

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By Michael Kelly

Few politicians rise to a position of absolute power without the help of powerful supporters. In prime minister Jacinda Ardern’s case, that support comes from the rank and file backbench MPs who – while absent from our government-funded broadcasters and publishers – are sitting on their hands while Ardern turns New Zealand on its head and puts brother against brother across the nation.

They fiddle while New Zealand burns, wringing their hands in quiet desperation and supporting Ardern with their silence. But the time for silence must now end.

I am calling on all Labour MPs to search their conscience, be at one with their souls, look inwardly, reflect on what this country has become in a few short months and withdraw their support for Jacinda Ardern today.

I ask all Labour MPs to now walk away from this government and to resign Ardern’s government for the sake of the country and their constituents. I say to each of them that the people of New Zealand need you now more than ever. It is you – every one of you – that keeps Ardern in power.

Prime minister Jacinda Ardern.

I say to these MPs that their silence has been deafening these past 18 months and those who have serious concerns about the future of this country need to hold your head high and step away now. Tomorrow is too late. You need to send a message of solidarity to the people you are supposed to represent.

Your time for hiding is over.

Whether you resign or cross the floor, I don’t care. Go independent if you want and free yourself of the shackles of this monstrosity of an administration.

We are in a phase of history that needs to be put behind us today, we need to transition to a leader who will return democracy to the country and free its people.

No more forced medications, no more lockdowns, no more restrictions, no more careers ended. I call on Labour MPs right now to stand up and walk away from this hideous wretched disaster of a government.

The time is now, and I – and others – are watching and waiting for you to be brave. Walk away and sleep well.

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