Time for GPs to stand firm against compulsory medical treatments

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By Charles Coles – Report and commentary: The chair of New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA) appears to have forgotten what he was taught at medical college about vaccines. The bit about vaccines not preventing a virus being spread by an infected person.

Vaccines, when they work, can reduce the symptoms of a virus, but won’t stop you catching it or spreading it. This is not news, we know this to be true, it has always been so.

But now the great and the good at the NZMA say all doctors need to be vaccinated to stop them spreading covid-19 to their patients. The vaccine will not stop doctors spreading the virus if they become infected.

The NZMA say in a press release that “no doctor should be involved in patient care unless they are vaccinated against covid-19,” which is a silly thing to request.

Even forcing border workers to be vaccinated to handle cargo is a stupid thing to request, still the government has mandated it. Thankfully, The Buzz hears the majority of border workers have so far refused.

The New Zealand Medical Association says vaccinating healthcare workers is essential in protecting patients from a Covid infection. Its statement is factually wrong.

“First of all, we believe all doctors should be vaccinated – end of story,” says NZMA Chair Dr Alistair Humphrey.

Dr Humphrey, who took up his current role in April 2021, says: “Principle1 of the Code of Ethics for the New Zealand Medical Profession is that the health and well-being of the patient is a doctor’s first priority.”

We thought the first principle was ‘first do no harm’. And given the high adverse reaction rate (40,000 minimum) and deaths (37) of those who have been vaccinated with the Pfizer jab the NZMA would be calling for an immediate halt on the vaccine rollout – but no. It has gone the other way entirely. But why? Under whose direction has it made this demand of its members?

Dr Alistair Humphrey says doctors and other healthcare workers are more likely to be exposed to covid-19 in the course of their work.

“It follows that their patients, many of whom are debilitated or immunocompromised, are more likely to suffer serious complications if they are infected by the doctor,” he says.

Again, being vaccinated doesn’t prevent people spreading the virus – any virus. And these so-called compromised patients could be infected by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

A recent Employment Relations Authority decision (GF v OO [2021] NZERA 251) found that employers can justifiably dismiss MIQ workers who choose not to be vaccinated. The basis for this is the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 – Employer and workers have a duty of care to ensure their business does not put people’s health at risk. 

Again, being vaccinated does not stop people spreading the covid-19 virus and the law is wrong to compel a medical treatment on people who do not want it.

“MIQ workers are required to be vaccinated to prevent spread of Covid into the community,” says Dr Humphrey.

Dr Humphrey is wrong, wrong, wrong. Being vaccinated does not stop transmission.

“It is all the more important that doctors are vaccinated as they have both an ethical and a legal obligation not to put their vulnerable patients at risk,” says Dr Humphrey.

Well, if the good doctor wants to talk ethics, perhaps he should think about the ethics of forcing a trial medication on people who don’t want it. Perhaps he should consider ethics professor Dr Julie Ponnese of Canada who refused a covid vaccination and lost her teaching job last week. She refused the jab on ethical grounds.

And imagine if New Zealand’s doctors said ‘bugger off’, we don’t want to take a trial jab. How many doctors will the Ministry of Health sack or the NZMA de-register before the country runs out of doctors?

Ah, but then we have a slight backtrack from the good doctor: “At such time the pandemic passes, the position could be revisited,” says Dr Humphrey.

Anyone who realises that New Zealand has seen 3,800 covid-19 ‘cases’ based on a questionable PCR test, against 27 possible covid-related deaths (and 37 vaccine-linked fatalities), might argue it’s all over – apart from government and MSM fearmongering with the support of associations such as the NZMA and worker unions who are standing with the government, and not with their paying members.

However, a legal challenge to be heard in Wellington on September 20 may bring an end to compulsory work-place covid vaccinations. Nelson lawyer Sue Grey has filed papers in the High Court claiming the so-called ‘No Jab, No Job’ policy is illegal because government has acted outside of its authority in putting the rule in place.

Alistair Humphrey – Profile from the NZMA

Alistair Humphrey.

Alistair Humphrey is based in Christchurch where he serves as Chair of the Canterbury Hospitals’ Medical Staff Association – the representative body for the more than 500 senior medical officers in the region.

He has been a Medical Officer of Health for 19 years, long standing member of the Health Practitioners Disciplinary tribunal, and recently completed a Master of Health Law.

Alistair has a high media profile as an advocate/ spokesperson on local, national and international health issues and supports NZMA as the pre-eminent advocate for patient rights and medical professional values.

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