Thousands ready to break out of prison Auckland for summer holidays

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Press release: Outdoors Party

In the last week or so it has been hinted at several times by Government ministers that you will not be able to leave Auckland this Xmas without a vaccine passport. Jacinda Ardern herself said in a TV interview that she was creating a two class society.

She indicated that those who have chosen to be jabbed will be able to go to the beach, holiday home or share Xmas with families and those not jabbed will have to stay confined.

The NZ Outdoors & Freedom  Party wish to make it abundantly clear to Ardern and her ministers that those who do not qualify for her vaccine passport will not sit idly by and accept such nonsense designed to punish those who have alternative health views and to divide the country,” said Alan Simmons, co leader of the NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party. 

“Already plans are in place to forge a separate economy within the country with summer concerts for un vaccinated, new airlines and other services.

“Let this be a warning to Ardern that she is tearing this country apart and protests in Whanganui are just an inkling of what is coming. Ardern needs to step down now and let others try and heal what is already a fractured society.

“When tens of thousands walk off the job next week she will understand the chaos and depth of feeling she has created.

“Of extreme concern is that evidence revealed in the recent high court case exposed ministerial documents and briefing papers that the minister had no evidence that the vaccine stops transmission or is safe and the ever increasing infections of vaccinated front line staff is beginning to expose that to the alarm of those who vaccinated in good faith.”

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