The plan from the IMF/WEF is clear – you’ll own nothing and you won’t be happy

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This is what the cabal of the WEF has planned…

Step 1: bankrupt as many countries as possible and destroy the middle class. (NZ is doing well with this obviously). See Pakistan Collapse and Sri Lanka Bankrupt

Covid lockdowns have been purposely designed to destroy middle-class businesses, not the large corporates. (Ban greengrocers and independent butchers, but not supermarkets). They want only rich people and serfs. The middle class historically is the group that leads revolutions, so they have to be removed before they can become troublesome.

Mortgages becoming unaffordable will help with this plan. Skyrocketing interest rates combined with a housing price decrease will put many homeowners ”underwater” with their mortgage, with no way out of the trap. And of course social security also collapses around this time. Pensions get cancelled or downgraded.

Step 2: Placate the panicked masses by introducing UBI (universal basic income). To get the UBI, you have to ”sign over” your house so they ”forgive” your mortgage and give you UBI instead. But they now own your house and can evict you if you ”misbehave” or engage in ”wrongthink” (or if a different coloured family needs it more than you do).

Stop 3: ”Rescue” the collapsing financial system through the introduction of CBDC (central bank digital currencies). This is the prison door trap – with this they can monitor and control everything you buy and sell.

See this Zero Hedge report. Which of course will be linked to your digital ID (aka vaccine pass on steroids). No digital ID = no CBDC, no pension, no UBI, no rights.

Step 4: Ban physical cash (and likely at the same time they ban other escape routes’ such as bitcoin, gold) and they tax everything they can including water from the sky into your water tanks to try to force you into becoming beholden to the state.

When is this happening?

I doubt we have any longer than 2-5 years before the new financial system is in place. At that point, you won’t be able to buy anything without them knowing about it. Unless you barter or use your own local community ‘money’ as a token of transfer to try to retain a semblance of privacy.

In New Zealand, the CBDC is under development at the Reserve Bank of NZ (RBNZ) in a fast-track project. The RBNZ also has a ‘future of cash’ project which has been underway for over 4 years.

It was previously stated in leaked documents in 2020 that the covid scam would run until 2025. So it seems plausible that the above will be ready to go by then.

You can see this happening in most countries of the world, and one has to wonder if Boris Johnson in the UK is being pecked into submission for freeing up the people of England, something that seems to go against the trend in Europe.

Meanwhile, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia keeps our minds elsewhere.

New Zealand dos have a chance and it comes at the next election. Vote independent. Get Labour and National out of office.

Draw out cash and use it when you go shopping. The more we use cash, the harder it will be for RBNZ to dispense with it.

If at all possible consider trading down your home to become mortgage free. It’s not an option for everyone, but consider what you have and what you need. Even reducing your mortgage can help.

Work hard to reduce any borrowings. Try to pay off any loans.

Take ownership of your life, eat well, stay healthy, focus, plan and stay aware.

There’s no doubt New Zealand is now $Billions in debt as a result of government lockdowns. All that money has to be paid back to th banks with interest from your tax payments. But that won’t come close.

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