The next Victorian pandemic will start in Dan Andrews’ imagination

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By Jeremy Salt, Information Clearing House

The Premier of the Australian state of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, has just tabled legislation in the Australian parliament which is possibly the most monstrous ever introduced into a country calling itself democratic. It gives Andrews the power to do whatever he wants and whenever he wants it.

He has been turning Victoria into a police state for the past year-and-a-half, but behind the bland face and earnest manner, the legislation openly stamps him as a totalitarian psychopath. 

Here are some of the salient points of the Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021. Read on and be amazed that this can actually be happening in Australia, the laidback happy country of beaches, sunshine, beer and prawns on the barby.

The legislation allows Andrews to declare a pandemic even if there is not one. He only has to think there could be one. This antipodean combination of commissar and gauleiter is taking complete personal control of the state and its people. He can close down parts of the state or the whole state and prevent people from entering or leaving in whole or part. He can extend closures without limit. 

Enforcement will rest in the hands of police and ‘authorised officers.’ For those who don’t do what they are told there will be heavy fines, up to $90,000 for individuals and $450,000 for businesses.

People can be detained for two years and will have to pay the cost of their own detention in the massive internment camp that has been built at Mickleham, on the outskirts of Melbourne. The legislation authorizes police to use ‘reasonable force’ to help an ‘authorised officer’ when he/she detains them. The Mickleham camp is capable of taking in thousands of people.

The likely victims in this Australian gulag will be the minority who have refused vaccination either on the basis of their human right to reject medical intervention they don’t want or because of the known dangers to health of the vaccines on offer, known to them but suppressed from public knowledge by the media.

Abused by the politicians and media commentators, shut out of many normal activities of daily life, they have already been turned into social pariahs whom those who obey orders without asking questions will no doubt think will deserve to be locked away in this Australian gulag. 

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