The magic number could be 5,000

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The Buzz hears – unofficially – that once Omicron cases reach 5,000 a day in New Zealand then all the mandates will end.

We’re told that while this decision has been made by prime minister Jacinda Ardern, she wants anti-mandate campaigners gone from Wellington well before the 5,000 cases-a-day figure is reached.

“She can’t afford for it to look as though the campaigners caused the mandates to be lifted,” says our source.

Meanwhile there’s plenty of chatter about a digital ID system being introduced by Ardern, Canada’s premiere Justin Truduea, and France’s president Emmanuel Macron.

While the ‘Great Reset” might be off the table for now, a digital ID and currency are still on the agenda.

Strangely, with banks looking at people’s spending habits when it comes to home loan applications, more cash is being withdrawn via service tills for things such as lottery tickets and take-aways. The use of cash is rising just at a time when the preference among our leaders is for it to be phased out.

It’s all rumour and chatter, so take from it what you will…

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