Teenager awarded $225,000 after covid vax-related heart attack

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A fit and healthy teenager in Singapore who enjoyed weightlifting has been awarded SGD$225,000 (NZ$165,000) after he suffered life-threatening heart inflammation six days after being injected with his first Pfizer covid jab. According to official statistics out of Singapore, inflammation of the heart can occur once in every 200,000 doses of the Pfizer jab.

The 16-year-old boy was vaccinated on 27 June 2021 according to a press release issued by Singapore’s Ministry of Health which said the youth required intensive care and inpatient rehabilitation.

“He is making good progress and can perform his activities of daily living without assistance,” says an MoH statement.

“He will likely require outpatient rehabilitation for some time before he can return to school and resume other activities. The medical team will continue his treatment and monitor his condition.”

Singapore’s MoH says medical investigations found the teenager had developed acute severe myocarditis (heart inflammation) which led to the out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

“The myocarditis was likely a serious adverse event arising from the covid-19 vaccine he received, which might have been aggravated by his strenuous lifting of weights and his high consumption of caffeine through energy drinks and supplements,” says the MoH statement.

“Under the Vaccine Injury Financial Assistance Programme (VIFAP) provided by the [Singapore] Ministry of Health, a one-time financial assistance of $225,000 has been extended to the youth and his family.”

In New Zealand, under the government’s no-fault ACC scheme, being awarded compensation for an adverse reaction to the covid vaccine (medical injury) would not be as automatic with an application for assistance taking months for a decision.

ACC says on its website that it can cover a treatment injury if:

  • The treatment directly caused your injury
  • A registered health professional was treating you (The Buzz says, are all those administering the vaccine or doing a swab test Registered Health Professionals?)
  • It’s not a normal side-effect of your treatment

You can download ACC’s medical injury claim criteria directly from ACC’s site here (PDF).

Singapore’s MoH is advising the country’s population to avoid strenuous physical activity for one week after each dose of a covid vaccine. That includes the first dose, second dose, and any so-called boosters.

The MoH says that while there is a small increased risk of myocarditis or pericarditis following the administration of the vaccines, the local incidence rate remains low at 0.48 per 100,000 doses administered, based on ongoing pharmacovigilance monitoring by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) – or one for every 200,000 doses.

“The majority have responded well to treatment and have recovered or been discharged well from the hospital,” says the MoH statement.

“As a precaution, all vaccine recipients, especially adolescents and younger men, should avoid strenuous physical activity for one week following each of their first and second doses of the vaccine.

“Individuals should also seek medical attention promptly if they develop chest pain, shortness of breath or abnormal heartbeats. Individuals who developed myocarditis from their first dose of the mRNA covid-19 vaccines should also not receive further doses of it.”

The population of Singapore is 5.7 million, so based on a double dose it means more than 50 of its residents are at risk of a serious heart issue from the Pfizer vaccine if they are all vaccinated twice.

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