Stories of vaccine injuries shared…

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Anna Hodgkinson is concerned there may be many people who have genuine vaccine injuries that are not being properly investigated by the authorities. 

“I know so many people are suffering what appear to be very serious injuries after receiving their Covid-19 vaccination,” says Anna, whose daughter Casey suffered a severe reaction to her first does of the Pfizer vaccine in 2021.

“They have been turned away by Emergency Departments and Medical Professionals, and are told they have anxiety or stress, without any medical investigation into the possibility that the vaccine just may have been responsible.

“How many people may have untreated heart (and other) conditions that are in danger right because they haven’t had their concerns taken seriously or even investigated?”

Anna says that if a food or other product in New Zealand is suspected and/or proved to have caused illness or injury, the whole batch would be recalled.

“So why are our medical professionals dismissing even ‘potential’ vaccine injuries and why are they not turning over every stone, to scientifically prove or disprove the claims, as a way to ensure our safety?<” she says.

New Zealand singer and mother, Aly Cook shares the same concerns.

“My son Bailey (25) was driving a 50 tonne truck when he began to have severe chest pains and was struggling to breathe – just six hours after his first Covid-19 vaccine,” says Aly.

“He called Healthline who were so concerned that they told him to stop his truck while they called an ambulance. Upon arriving at Ashburton Hospital, the doctors in the A & E said to him – even before they got him off the ambulance gurney – ‘Don’t let this put you off your 2nd shot’.

“My son was unable to even get a breath to answer and was later discharged with anxiety without even a blood test or scan of his heart.”

Aly says the next morning her son was back in another emergency department, this time in Christchurch Hospital where he was diagnosed with post-vaccination tachycardia after bloods and scans were taken.

“The doctor advised him to never get another vaccine outside of a medical setting. However, upon discharge, the medical notes did not reflect what was said. The hospital did not prescribe him any medication at all. It was his own GP who prescribed him the anti inflammatories and other medications he is now taking.”

A support group for those who have been injured by the covid vaccine is at Silent No More.

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