Social media warriors sharpen their pitchforks

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By Jon Doe

A week-long level 3 lockdown started Sunday (today 28 Feb 2021) and it’s been pinned on the actions of a KFC worker (dubbed Case L by the government), who thanks to our prime minister and old media, is probably shaking in their boots. The pitchforks were sharpened and the torches lit as the masses turned on him on Saturday night. The media helpfully published where he studies and works.

What we have seen is a disgusting spectacle as our prime minister waved her finger like an angry school ma’m, and keyboard warriors tore into this young adult across social media. Some of what I read was truly disturbing (see below).

The social shaming and finger pointing is a disgrace to all. Like we say in business, when a company is rotten, when the culture is less than charitable, then you have to start at the top with the CEO. People follow the CEO’s lead. If it’s rotten at the bottom it is normally because it is rotten at the top. Only in this case, it’s not the CEO; it’s our prime minister, who the other week was telling people to be kind to each other.

Remember, there was talk in New Zealand of 80,000 people dying from the virus. Today’s figure from the Ministry of Health of people who have died with the virus (not necessarily because of it) is 26 (and some of those weren’t even tested for the virus).

So the government ramped up the fear with the help of legacy media, showing its gratitude for their $55 million handout of taxpayer cash.

And when the media is given millions of dollars of government hand-outs… well, who’s your daddy?  You must have noticed the dearth of dissenting voices across old media?

Neither the government, Bloomfield or supporters of the government have been challenged on their support of the so-called pandemic. But look around and there is no pandemic.

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