Silver Fern Farms could face mass staff walkout over vax mandate

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By Ag Action Gatherings (Facebook)

In an incredible, and potentially very short sighted business decision, Silver Fern Farms may well have shot themselves in the foot with their recently announced covid vaccine mandate.

It has taken an enormous business risk by mandating that all 6,000 Silver Fern staff must be fully vaccinated. As the government goal posts continually shift for what ‘fully vaccinated’ actually means, they will very likely be facing a mass walk-out and the loss of hundreds of staff, which will potentially seriously threaten their ability to deliver their core business requirements.

With farmers across New Zealand now increasingly aware of the significant health risks that come with the covid vaccines, and also the wider geo-political picture that is associated with the covid vaccine roll out worldwide, a very large number of Silver Fern staff will be refusing to comply with this mandate.

As the entire NZ public are now increasingly becoming more aware, being fully vaccinated will very likely no longer just be two jabs. It is increasingly clear that regular booster shots will become the new requirement for being deemed to be ‘fully vaccinated’, which means booster shots every four months, indefinitely. Perhaps for life.

This is greatly adding to the growing negativity towards the covid vaccines across all sectors, including the farming sector.

Why would Silver Fern enforce this and create that level of business risk? There has been big protests by the Silver Fern staff over this mandate, and a huge number of employees speaking out against this move.

If Silver Fern employees, other farmers, and the general public can come out in mass protest against this mandate then hopefully this policy can be overturned and Silver Fern convinced to back track on this.

The Buzz notes Silver Fern Farms supports the humane treatment of people as per this document.

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