School boards give a resounding ‘no’ to jabs in the classroom

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Press release

Principals and school boards from around New Zealand should be applauded for keeping experimental injections out of our schools, says the Concerned Parents Law Counsel (CPLC).

High schools around the country, co-ed, boys, girls, state and private schools alike, have said a resounding NO to attempts to use their grounds as places where children are subjected to criminal pharmaceutical giant Pfizer’s latest experiment, the Comirnaty “vaccine” against covid-19.

District Health Boards (DHBs) are struggling to get schools to take up their request to hold on-site “vaccination” clinics, Newshub reported on Monday.

All secondary schools in Taranaki and on the West Coast have said no to jabs at schools, while Hawke’s Bay DHB asked 85 schools to become a “vaccination hub” and only 11 succumbed.

Whether or not these “vaccinations” happen at school is currently a “matter for the board” to decide, according to the Ministry of Education, so it is “heartwarming to know the majority of our principals and Boards of Trustees (BOT) have made the health of their kids under their care their top priority and just said no,” says CPLC spokesman Glen Crofskey.

“Good news at last! The overwhelming rejection by our schools is superb and reveals what happens when regular people have authority over a decision, rather than the state or other bureaucrats”.

Inglewood High School principal Rosey Mabin told Newshub she declined the DHB request because she (rightly) thinks “it’s up to parents to make those decisions and make the arrangements because there are plenty of opportunities for getting their children vaccinated”.

Principals spoken to by the CPLC said they “were in the business of education” and did not want to be involved with the state’s covid-19 vaccination rollout. One principal said he did not want to promote something that was a personal choice and just wanted to “worry about educating children”.

Other principals have shown great leadership by informing their teachers and staff that it is not acceptable for them to espouse their personal views around covid, or push the government pro-vax agenda, to their students.

Principals spoken to by the CPLC pleaded with us to have their school kept anonymous for fear of raising the attention of the public and ministry of education. “We will off course respect their request for anonymity, but call on BoTs and principals to become more vocal in their rejection of covid shots in their schools and show others that doing what you think is right is as easy as saying no,” Glen says.

The CPLC also salutes all those parents and guardians around New Zealand for their efforts in keeping experimental jabs out of our schools. Mums and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers all over the country have been pushing back for many months in their own ways against the covid indoctrination of their offspring.

The CPLC says these parents from all over New Zealand are the unsung heroes in the fight against the plandemic.

“Parents everywhere have been emailing and ringing up their principals and BOT members, standing up and presenting at BOT meetings, or standing outside the schools in peaceful gatherings, or writing letters and raising awareness online to express their vehement opposition to “vaccinations” at school,” Glen says.

“About 100 people turned up to support Taranaki father Blair Johnson give a presentation to New Plymouth Girls High BOT, where he also served them notices of liability to make it expressly known they were liable for any and all negative outcomes from experimental mRNA shots being fired at their school.

“Another brave Mum served a notice of liability to the chair of a board of trustee in his office, while other parents have reached out and found others at the same school and worked together to push back for the sake of their children.”

Newshub reported that some school boards have been hesitant to host vaccine clinics because of protesters, which Glen says is outstanding news. “While we should celebrate the fact the majority of principals and BOTs have heard the voices of parents and given a resounding NO to covid shots being fired in their schools, it could be a short-lived thing as the state will now most likely override the decision made by parents and principals and change the rules to introduce a vaccinations programme in schools.

A provax piece by state mouthpiece Newshub said because of the low uptake of vaccinations in schools by the BOTs, “calls for a school vaccine programme are growing louder”.

Newshub then interviewed National’s covid-19 response spokesperson Chris Bishop, who “challenged” the government’s missed opportunity to jab kids at school and called for “a coordinated comprehensive plan to start vaccinating in schools before the end of the year”.

Newshub claims the secondary school teachers union is backing the idea to “help lift vaccine rates amongst youth.”

Glen calls on Jacinda Ardern and her government to “be kind” and honour the decision of parents and principals and teachers to keep Pfizer’s experimental shots away from school grounds.

“Does no still mean no, Jacinda?”

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