Rural communities battle government’s agenda to control businesses and land use

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The Agricultural Action Group was formed by Robert Wilson, Fred Roberts, and Heather Meri Pennycook on election night 2020 as an apolitical group to support the rural sector.

They, and members of the group, are concerned with the direction New Zealand is heading, with the erosion of rights, freedoms, and what they call the “blatant targeting of the agricultural industry with impractical unworkable legislation, around freshwater, carbon, land confiscation, and the slow strangling of rural communities nationwide”.

Having all stood for the AdvanceNZ political party in the 2020 general election, they subsequently resigned from the party as – with Labour returned to power – they saw that there would be no change in policy and direction.

Among the group’s aims are to educate people on where the government’s oppressive legislation is coming from and why.

Motivate people to unite in community groups to push back and assert their unalienable right to say “no, we do not consent”.

Help and support people to take action by providing information, templates, tools, stories of success and strategies etc.

Members of AAG say it is not an organisation or a hierarchy.

“We work on a de-centralised model which seeks to empower local people to form their own groups and make decisions to push back in those areas which are their local priorities,” says it website.

“We encourage and promote unity between all like-minded interest groups.

“We hold meetings across the country and are available to attend gatherings of any size, either in person or via an online meeting platform.”

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