Rally raises concern over 5G wireless

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Press release

A public rally for Safe Technology New Zealand was held in Auckland’s Queen St on Saturday 10 October. The group’s major concern is of 5G electromagnetic radiation to public health and well-being.

“This untested technology is being forced on everyone in New Zealand without public consultation or consent,” says spokesperson Michael Vaughan.

Safe Technology NZ President, David Holden, says the purpose of the Rally was to call for a 5G Moratorium, until independent scientific research can show the long-term effects of 5G radiation on the biological health of people and the natural environment.

Children, the elderly, birds, bees, babies and trees are particularly vulnerable to 5G which adds to existing 3G and 4G networks and subjects the whole population to microwave radiation 24/7. Holden is among many Healthcare professionals concerned about the health effects of radiation from wireless networks and devices.

Thousands of new cellphone towers and antennas are being installed because Telcos want full spectrum dominance of the Internet of Things (IoT) market. The NZ government allows this because it is profitable and they have been misled to believe it is safe.

Vaughan cites reputable science that shows long-term exposure will increase Cancer, DNA damage, neurological, cardiac, reproductive and endocrine health disorders. He and other speakers explained that people in countries around the world are demanding their governments establish better health and safety standards relating to 5G and AI technology.

This problem will grow exponentially due to the 100,000 satellites being rocket-launched into space over the next few years. In addition to endangering health and subjecting humanity to constant surveillance, these satellites will use 5G for militarisation and warfare in Space.

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