Questions raised over covid jabs for kids

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By Voices For Freedom

This week, New Zealand slipped behind an iron curtain and into an Orwellian nightmare of double-speak and mind-blowing propaganda.
What happened? Medsafe decided it was a-okay to double jab Kiwi kids with an experimental injection on masse. We’re still awaiting the Government’s rubber stamp, but it feels inevitable that soon, innocent Kiwi kids will be jabbed with something they do not need that has no medium or long-term safety profile.
Super-spreaders my foot. It is vanishingly rare for 12-15-year-olds to be affected by Covid-19. Not only are they unlikely to display symptoms, but on the whole, kids don’t pass Covid on and aren’t the germy super-spreaders the ning-nongs in charge would have us believe.
It’s hard to articulate the level of incredulity that we (and we know you) feel about Medsafe’s decision. It felt particularly dire in light of statements on their website that Pfizer tested the jab on a grand total of only 660 12-15-year-olds for just two months, and the “safety evaluation study … is ongoing”. In other words, a tiny number of kids had at least one dose in the trial, and they still don’t know how it’ll turn out for them.
Only days ago on 22 June, Medsafe believed that “the safety and efficacy of COMFIRNATY in children and adolescents aged less than 16 years of age have not yet been established. Limited data is available.”
So what changed?

Nothing’s changed – nothing except submitting to global pressure to jab kids.
I don’t know about you, but I call that weak. 
I also call it reckless and negligent. 
And Unconscionable.

But the breakneck behaviour of organisations claiming to be working in our best interests doesn’t end with Medsafe.
On Tuesday, the World Health Organisation (WHO) thought there wasn’t enough evidence to recommend the Covid jab for kids. It’s unclear what exactly happened that night or whether they even received any evidence, but, despite confirming that children and adolescents: “…tend to have milder disease compared to adults…” and “more evidence was needed on the use of the different Covid vaccines in children to be able to make general recommendations on vaccinating children against COVID-19.”
In a bizarre turn of events, on Wednesday, WHO abruptly recommended that:
“Children aged between 12 and 15 who are at high risk may be offered this vaccine”.
Say, what? And, why? And, how? At this point, you’re allowed to let your mind run wild. Because, folks, the whole situation we find ourselves in, is crazy.
Out of control
No one in their right mind performs reckless experiments on kids and puts their lives and futures at risk. We have good data showing that kids hardly catch and suffer from COVID-19 and don’t usually pass it to anyone, let alone granny.
Instead, children as a group have suffered the most this past year, their short and precious lives put on hold for older adults who tend to say they’d never dream of asking anyone so young to give up so much.
And now, despite an increasingly worrying risk of heart problems following the jab, (presumably pressured) bureaucrats are throwing our kids – under the bus.
I’m sure none of us will stand by blithely while the Government and Medsafe set kids alight to keep a few people warm. No one can honestly believe that we should consider destroying children’s lives for the greater good.
Children pose little risk, and WHO admits it’s less urgent to vaccinate them. WHO also says it needs more evidence before saying the jab will benefit kids. This experiment has no place in the arms of children, and even one child lost or injured is one too many.

We can win

We will win this fight with people power, but to do that we need more people.

The days of shutting up and nodding are over. Our kids are at stake.

So take a chance and spread this message.“Hey I just got this and thought you might be interested. If you want to know more they have some great resources on their website

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