Questioning the pro-vax narrative could get you the sack

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By Dave Kelly

Sharing vaccine ‘misinformation’ in the workplace could amount to misconduct, according to the New Zealand government’s Employment NZ website.

In a section headed ‘Don’t share vaccine misinformation in the workplace’, the website states: “Sharing vaccine misinformation could, in some circumstances and in some workplaces, potentially amount to misconduct in the workplace.”

If we ignore the shoulda, coulda, woulda weazle-words in the statement above, the threat is clear. Tell colleagues about vaccines side-effects such as tinnitus, heart attacks, and neurological disorders and your boss could give you a warning or sack you.

Since when did sharing ideas, thoughts, opinions and concerns become a matter for Employment NZ?

Meanwhile, as the country switched into the Red Zone (11.59pm 23 Jan) amid the ongoing case-demic of the milder Omicron strain, finance minister Grant Robertson put a question mark over the government’s absence payment for those without a vaccine passport.

Speaking after Ardern’s ‘red setting’ announcement on Sunday 23 January Robertson said his personal view is that if people did not have a vaccine passport then he would look to see if that was appropriate that they had government support.

Grant Robertson speaking on Sunday 23 January 2022.

Is Robertson hinting that while official vaccination figures are above 90%, uptake of the vaccine pass is lower?

Also, during the conference Robertson avoided answering a question about compulsory booster shots, referring reporters to Ardern – who had left the building (let’s see what happens at Wednesday’s announcement).

Let’s also remember that last week The Buzz revealed that Robertson has borrowed and spent an eye-watering $64 Billion on covid so far – perhaps he needs to create excuses to reduce state spending…And withdrawing help from those without a vaccine passport is the first step (we shall see).

Meanwhile, Ardern and her supporters continue to say getting the covid vaccine is a free choice, and it is. So long as your employer doesn’t require it (just because they think it is a good idea) and you do not work in any of the following jobs – look at that list carefully, it does not include MPs or civil servants such as those working in the Beehive:

  • Border and managed isolation and quarantine facilities
  • Health and disability sector
  • Education sector
  • Work in prisons
  • Food and drink services (excluding businesses operating solely as takeaways), events, close proximity services and indoor exercise facilities like gyms
  • Work at tertiary education premises (only at the Red level of the COVID-19 Protection Framework)
  • New Zealand Police (sworn members, recruits and authorised officers)
  • New Zealand Defence Force (Armed Forces and civilian staff)
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