Qantas pilot rejects vaccine – calls out Aussie government

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In this video long-serving Qantas pilot Graham Hood calls out the senior management of the airline on its compulsory vaccine stance as well as State premieres and the country’s prime minister. He makes reference to Marburg and to Australia’s Covid Medical Network (press release below).

Graham Hood says thanks to his supporters…

The Covid Medical Network (Australia) (CMN), consisting of hundreds of highly respected senior medical doctors and allied health professionals, have penned an Open Letter demanding an immediate end to current destructive responses being used by state and federal governments to deal with the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak. The group further offers solutions to help end the pandemic in weeks. 

Due to the fear of reprisals, CMN has decided to omit the names and signatures of over 100 doctors who have committed to support this letter. These doctors would normally have no issues with undertaking such as task under normal democratic circumstances.

The right to freedom of speech and political communication is a cornerstone of CMN messaging for educational purposes has been stifled by oppressive regulatory measures not seen since Eastern block rule. It is most concerning that we have come to this position, but we can assure you that our position is strong and growing daily. 

CMN emphasizes the need for doctors to unite and do everything they can to help patients, especially with early-stage treatment. Never in the history of virus outbreaks have doctors’ hands been tied to prevent them from working with the community directly and combat disease.

In contrast, during the HIV pandemic of the 1980s, doctors were able to treat patients without government interference. Never in the history of health emergencies has only one approach, to the exclusion of all others, been so heavily promoted, leaving Australians to suffer in fear and die in isolation or in hospital. The group reminds all doctors of their ethical obligations and the oath they swore: ‘primum non nocere’ or ‘first do no harm’. 

“We are experiencing never-ending lockdowns, excessive restrictions, mask mandates, the coercion and close to mandating of novel and unproven vaccine technology, including experimenting on children. In addition, businesses are being destroyed, there are invasions to privacy in the form of QR check-in codes, threats to every Australian’s right to free movement through passports, increases in youth and adult suicides, and severe economic stress”, CMN noted. 

The reckless pursuit of a Covid-Zero state is economically unsustainable and medically irresponsible. 400 Australians die every day from all causes and these Australians are dying within a grossly disrupted health care system, while their loved ones are inhumanely denied the opportunity to properly mourn them. During 2021, Australia has 22 registered deaths attributed to Covid 19.

None of these people received early treatments which have been shown to reduce hospitalization and deaths by 84.5%. Many other safe early treatment multi-drug and nutraceuticals combinations are available, also showing similar outcomes.

CMN supports the voluntary nature of medical treatment as well as the need for informed consent and transparent individual risk-benefit assessment. The group reject the extreme pressure and coercion exerted by public health officials and politicians. Furthermore, they point to the rising number of deaths and adverse events being reported to the Therapeutic Goods Administration in relation to the investigational Covid vaccines.

CMN is motivated only by concern for the welfare of patients and the health of all Australians. While the virus affects the very vulnerable and has caused deaths, the organization is challenging how the virus is being tested, mainly through PCR tests and how Covid death rates are being reported. 

CMN requests greater transparency and endorses the recommendations embodied in the Great Barrington Declaration. They also call upon all doctors and other health professionals to inform themselves and reject flawed data and overly severe policies driven by forensic PCR technology.

CMN believes it is the duty of doctors to advocate and protect the Doctor-Patient relationship and stand against undue government interference in the privacy and sanctity of the consulting room. 

CMN thanks you for your consideration and invites you to read the Open Letter –


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