Prepare for a lifetime of covid jabs, boosters, lockdowns and food shortages

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Face masks could promote cancer.

By Dr Vernon Coleman (pictured above) in the UK: The disease known as covid-19 was never anything more than a means to an end; a training programme.

The lockdowns, the masks, the social distancing will soon be back. The plan is for mandatory vaccinations for all – something I warned about eighteen months ago – to be part of our lives forever. And the mandatory vaccinations won’t just be for covid-19.

For a year they promised that the experimental covid-19 jabs would not be mandatory and that there would be no discrimination between the jabbed and the unjabbed.

But, they were lying, of course.

You’d have to be mentally deficient in some way – perhaps through wearing a mask for too long and suffering the inevitable dementia – to believe that we are in the middle of a pandemic.

And we can see now why Bill Gates told governments to give indemnity to the drug companies. Without indemnity the courts would be clogged with lawsuits brought by injured vaccine victims, and the doctors who’ve been jabbing away for money would be behind bars.

Incidentally, I expect you’ll be pleased to know that Microsoft’s Irish arm made a profit of £222 billion last year and did not pay one penny in tax. The Guardian and the BBC both describe Gates, their financial partner, as a ‘philanthropist’.

Meanwhile, the vaccinated can now go to an airport, wait six hours to be processed and then travel to El Salvador, Gabon or Kosovo. Sadly, they may not be able to come back without
a lengthy stay in an airport hotel at both ends but let’s not be gloomy.

This is obviously a great breakthrough for those dreaming of an exciting two week stay on top of the Accursed Mountains in the centre of the Balkans. The truth is that this war has hardly started and we have to concentrate hard, abandon all our differences and dedicate ourselves to fighting for our freedom, our humanity, our identity and our very lives.

and to force citizens around the world to abandon their senses – including common sense, the rarest and possibly the most valuable sense of all.

It really doesn’t matter a damn whether or not covid-19 was created in a laboratory, is really an exosome, is this year’s version of the common or garden flu or fell off the back of a lorry.

Covid-19 is merely a distraction, an artificial threat devised to create terror and obedience and to force citizens around the world to abandon their senses – including common sense, the rarest and possibly the most valuable sense of all.

We are at the beginning of a long and stony road.

This fraud has been planned for decades and they’ve thought of just about everything. It’s no coincidence that the UK government is advised by a member of the Communist Party and by experts in mind control. They have refused to debate any of the scientific issues.

They’ve demonised and libelled the truth tellers and refused to allow vaccine critics any access to the mainstream media. Drug company hackers and the British and American governments tried to take down over 2,000 times last month.

Back in March 2020, covid-19 was officially classified as being no more dangerous than the flu. That’s what the UK government was told (by its own health department).

The biggest danger to us is complacency and a feeling that the war is nearly over.

Since then they have lied about the number of deaths (fraudulently counting anyone who tested positive in the weeks before their death as a ‘covid death’), they have fiddled the numbers allegedly testing positive for covid-19 by using a PCR test that independent scientists agree is as reliable as a coin toss.

Everything the politicians, the advisors and the mainstream media tell us is a lie. And now we know what all those Bilderberger meetings were about. They really were plotting the end of the world. Parliament is dominated by cowards who’d vote for anyone who offered them a free bag of sweets and a bottle of pop.

They introduced lockdowns (proven to do no good but a lot of harm), forced people to wear masks (proven to do more harm than good) and closed schools, hospital departments and businesses (all guaranteed to do harm and no good).

The plan was always to kill millions by shutting down hospital units, by denying millions (especially the elderly, the disabled and the sick) any real access to basic medical care, by creating food shortages and by the mass use of a dangerous, experimental jab.

Meanwhile, as the number of people dying on waiting lists soars into the many millions, doctors and the NHS glow in the receipt of the George Cross, so doctors and nurses make it clear where their loyalty lies.

Consultants are threatening industrial action because they want even more money. And the Royal College of Nursing is considering a strike ballot as nurses demand a pay rise of 12.5%. Anyone needing life-saving surgery will be lucky to be seen before the next millennium is under way.

The ultimate plan is to remove the last vestiges of freedom and democracy, to take away all our human rights

The ultimate plan is to remove the last vestiges of freedom and democracy, to take away all our human rights, to banish financial independence for those not already billionaires and to turn transhumanism from a science fiction theory to a practical fact.

The conspirators label those of us who know what is going on as conspiracy theorists’, as though we are dangerous citizens who have lost touch with reality, but the truth is that our lives are being managed by conspirators and what is happening is no longer a theory.

Just look at some of the things that have been happening recently and that are due to happen soon:

  • They are planning food shortages. Farming and transport have been hard hit by false PCR tests – with the result that food supplies are not getting through. Around the world, millions are already dying
  • An experiment (in the guise of combatting fake global warming) part funded by Bill Gates, intends to send calcium carbonate into the stratosphere to dim the sun, which will then further help to destroy traditional farming
  • More untested experimental jabs will be made mandatory.
  • There’s a plan to vaccinate sick children – the ones most likely to be killed by the jab
  • Poverty is on the rise. As inflation soars (in the USA it is now already believed to be between 5% and 10% and soaring) so the rich will get richer and everyone else will get poorer
  • Cultural changes will result in the deliberate creation of racism and hatred. History is being altered and suppressed to suit the aims of the rulers and their ‘Great Reset’
  • There will be a return of the flu, of course. That’s been predictable for months. Pathogenic priming deaths from the jabs will be blamed on the flu

In expectation of its surprise’ return, the enemy is now planning to introduce an mRNA flu vaccine which will doubtless further damage the millions who have already been severely injured by the mRNA covid-19 jabs.

Remember too that in February 2020 the BMJ (British Medical Journal) published a letter pointing out that flu shots could have contributed to the covid-19 outbreak.

The author reported that a randomised placebo controlled trial in children showed that flu shots increased five-fold the risk of acute respiratory infections caused by a group of viruses including coronaviruses. The argument was that flu vaccines might alter our immune systems to increase susceptibility to other infections.

The next month or two is going to see a tightening of the rules, the threats and the restrictions.

“We trusted you to behave,” they will say, “but you behaved badly and let us down. You can no longer be trusted with any control over your own lives”.

The young are going to be bullied, blackmailed and bribed into accepting a deadly, experimental jab which they don’t need

The unvaccinated are going to be blamed for the new lockdowns. The young are going to be bullied, blackmailed and bribed into accepting a deadly, experimental jab which they don’t need and which doesn’t do what they are told it will do. Those promoting it should be arrested and charged with manslaughter.

They want you terrified, oppressed and ultimately dead. It’s a coup; a blatant plan for total world control. It may all sound like something out of an early James Bond movie but it’s all very, very real.

And yet the flu and cold weather used to kill more people than covid-19.

It is no exaggeration to claim that this is the most important war in history. The biggest danger to us is complacency and a feeling that the war is nearly over.

The war isn’t nearly over. It has hardly started. And I’m afraid it’s going to get much worse. But stay strong.
We will win this war if we fight with determination, passion and the truth.

Sunday Times bestselling author Vernon Coleman has written over 100 books which have sold over two million copies in the UK alone. His UK publishers include: PAN, Penguin, Corgi, Arrow, Star, Mandarin, Macmillan, Century, Thames and Hudson, and Sidgwick and Jackson.

Why masks increase your risk of cancer.

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