Positive support for Liz Gunn as she speaks out against PM Ardern’s covid regime

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The response to Liz Gunn‘s call to action, published on The Buzz YouTube channel, has been overwhelmingly positive. Gunn has since launched her own website – FreeNZ.org.

The channel, which was only set up on Saturday, has seen an immediate spike in visitors with comments on Gunn’s statement strongly supporting her stance against PM Jacinda Ardern and her ministers.

Some of the comments are listed below:

Joanne C commented: “Thanks Liz. You give us hope.”

Craig Wallace commented: “We must all support Peter Williams, Mark Richardson, Heather Dup-Allen, journo’s who can actually see through the fog of lies and undemocratic crap being promulgated so widely now.

IshtarBellydancer commented: “Thank you Liz Gunn – you are so right!!! All of this is a Trojan horse for the same ccp-AI-system … Ie who manufactures our iPhones?, electronic equipment? All ready to be plugged into the control system.

SummertimeRobot commented: “Thank you Liz. There are many of us Kiwi’s who feel this way”

Niam Brash commented: “She gets it. The country needs to wake up NOW. OTHERWISE ITS CONCENTRATION CAMPS… it’s that serious… What has happened to everyones logic and humanity.

Mark Presnell commented: “Good on you, Liz. Perhaps connect with Sue Grey. We need to join forces and bring together best of this beautiful country to stop this tyranny!”

Morven Skinner commented: “Well done for speaking up Liz. We need people who can speak out”

Jan commented: “I support you 100% and thank you for speaking out❤❤”

Dominic Lacour commented: “well said sad to hear your history proud to have the same view as you. I would like to be part of this move . I am ex south African and suffering once in life is bad enough I will not take a second one lying down keep me in the loop as to how I can help?”

Our YouTube page here (just launched). See Liz Gunns video page at Rumble here.

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