Polish study shows jabs damage brain cells

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Mark Steyn

Have you had your fourth booster yet?

You know, they say sure, you’ll still get the COVID. But don’t worry, it’ll be much milder you won’t be going into the ICU.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of science behind that assertion. And there’s mounting evidence to the contrary.

A Polish study has found that mRNA vaccines may be damaging brain cells and immune systems.

I talked a couple of weeks ago that they’re causing an uptick in chilblains. Chilblains, you can probably handle. The death of your brain cells and the collapse of your immune system is slightly worse news than chill Blaine’s.

Meanwhile, a German study of all-cause mortality has found that since the vaccinations got going, young and middle-aged persons are dying in larger numbers.

Dr. Guy Hatchard has been writing about this at the conservative woman website for some time. And he joins us now from New Zealand.

Guy the big takeaway from this, which I think is quite extraordinary, is that in 2020 when the COVID started raging, it didn’t actually cause excess mortality that year, because most of the people who died were over the average life expectancy in countries like the UK.

So for example, the average age of COVID death was at 8.5 years or whatever it was. Then they start vaccinating everybody and suddenly we have a huge uptick in deaths of the middle aged and the young and we’re getting used to like celebrity, there’s a spate of celebrity 52-year-olds, I noticed having fatal heart attacks. Something odd is going on, is it not?

Dr. Guy Hatchard

Absolutely it is. The paper yesterday here New Zealand Herald, greetings from The Hobbit Kingdom Mark, the headline Most COVID Patients in the Omicron Outbreak are Vaccinated, but that is no reason to doubt vaccine benefits.

And they also ran an article saying that the huge uptick in cardiac events, they dubbed it the WARNE effect. They said middle-aged men are getting anxiety because they think they may be similar to Shane Warne, and they’re having heart attacks because of anxiety. And that’s what happens when the government

Mark Steyn

Is that actually is that actually true? Are people seriously arguing that Shane Warne died of anxiety – who was a brilliant cricketer, and I regret that I’ll never actually see him do some of those incredible things he did in the 90s.

But people are actually arguing now that this is completely, this is some sort of anxiety, general anxiety that he died of.

Dr. Guy Hatchard

People are doing anything, but admit that something has gone terribly wrong. If our government here for example, was to admit that there was, there had been a wrong turn, you know, we’ve had two years of saturation advertising, you can’t turn on the television or go to social media without being told that mRNA vaccines are completely safe and effective.

And people have become brainwashed and the government has curated this, they paid for it. They paid the media. And now they’re faced with the fact that it actually doesn’t work.

Now, we actually had COVID We’ve had COVID free in New Zealand for two years. Now we have COVID. The vaccinated and unvaccinated are getting it about equally as far as the relative population numbers are concerned.

So it would be political suicide for Ardern to admit for two years that they had been pulling the wool over our eyes and there’s no doubt that that happened. Absolutely deliberately.

The government swept the side effects under the carpet. We had 2000 excess deaths in our very small country during the time that the vaccine was rolled out.

Mark Steyn

Yeah, that’s and that’s very significant. As you say in a population the size of New Zealand. You can see similar things, I think in the most totally vaccinated communities on Earth.

In Gibraltar, for example, and in Israel, they’re still saying though, like the United States, for example, is still saying you’re gonna get need to get the fourth booster.

Right now is there actually any scientific justification for giving anybody another shot of this stuff?

Dr. Guy Hatchard

We’ve known for a long time that every time you take one of these injections, the immune system gets suppressed. In fact, my best friend that I went to university with died from immune suppression.

It’s been known from; there was a paper published, for example, in May 2021, analysing this issue, and now we know a lot more than that. So why is this happening?

Well, pharmaceutical and biotech companies are really directly plumbed into governments, they’re plumbed into medicines regulators, there’s this International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities, the UK is a member is New Zealand as a member.

And that’s a direct line into pharmaceutical propaganda and distortion of evidence. And this is driving government opinion. I’m just Jacinda Ardern has famously said the government should be your only source of information.

Well, her only source of information is pharmaceutical companies. And that, you know, I don’t like to use the word, conspiracy, but it’s a coalition of information systems, mainstream media systems, governments, and biotech companies who are ideologically committed to a biotechnology future.

And that’s a really dangerous future.

We’re facing a different kind of war together. We’re facing a title war, a temple biological war.

Mark Steyn

Why do you think in the normal course of events, there should be room for a diversity of opinion of this. Now, you’ve written about, for example, these German and Polish studies, these are not countries that we think of as fringe countries full of Kooks who’ve cooked this thing up.

Why do they not get more play? Why two years in, is the media still so invested in the official narrative, and only that

Dr. Guy Hatchard

There’s a lot of money riding on it, I think. You know, Biotechnology is seen as the future. And that runs through the whole political and economic system that we have.

And if, if this, if it was to get out, for example, and be accepted, which it should be, that the disease was caused by, it was created in a lab, and the vaccine is created in a lab, people would start to realise that we’re facing something that we’ve never faced before, which is indiscriminate war.

BioTE biotech war is, is a kind of what it’s called the psychology of the serial killer. Any victim will do. Friend or foe. And the more the merrier. Because these diseases, these pathogens do not distinguish between people and countries.

This is a frightening prospect, were and it has to be stopped. But stopping that would change a whole system, which is predicated on the technological evolution of medicine. Whereas in fact, you know, 95% of our health is actually what we eat and what we do how we conduct ourselves.

Mark Steyn

Yeah. No, you’re absolutely right about that. And that’s why I find the most fascinating thing, the stark contrast between excess mortality. That’s as basic an indicator as you can get.

And the fact that when the COVID was rampaging around, there was ultimately no increase in excess mortality because it targeted, basically the very old, then we switch things up.

We come up with these vaccines, and we insist on doing something that’s never been done before where we say basically, everybody on the planet has to get this stuff injected into their arm, including people who are at no risk whatsoever, such as people in young middle age, in the flower of youth, or even primary school children.

So we insist that all of those people have to get jabbed with this stuff. And there is a discernible uptick in excess mortality. And yet, we’re not permitted to talk about it.

Dr. Guy Hatchard

Absolutely. You can’t go there, you can’t talk about it whatsoever. And that is being curated by governments and being suppressed by media. And it’s not a rational argument.

I think one thing we have to realise Mark that we’re not involved in a rational argument here. It’s not a question of sitting down with someone and saying, let’s look at the science because I was in a position at the start here of corresponding with people who were advising the government.

And when I started to raise some doubts, and say, well, look the side effects don’t look good, then the conversation finished. And it was a point of faith that the vaccine was a standalone solution.

And this has been a point of faith in an increasingly, kind of commercially orientated medical system, that vaccination is the standalone solution.

Whereas in fact, the central underpinning factors of health are, what we eat, how we exercise, how well we sleep, how well we, you know, conduct ourselves. So we enjoy and we’re not stressed, these other real factors of health.

I suggested right from the start here. I said to the government, we have to go ahead and have a programme to help people improve their health habits, but that was completely rejected. No, we’re going to go with vaccination.

Mark Steyn

Yeah, we, for example, obesity is one of the factors, the most serious underlying conditions if you’re 40 pounds overweight, or whatever. That’s more determinant of how you’re going to handle COVID than anything.

But what I can’t understand now is why there must be discussion of some of this at the highest levels in government. And yet governments around the world, in Canada, for example, you can’t get on a train unless you’ve been vaccinated.

So you’re stuck where you are, you can’t take a train from Montreal to Toronto unless you’ve got proof of your vaccination status. How can they still insist on that? Given A what happened with the Omicron? So we’ve seen it makes no difference and B what these the disturbing questions these studies are raising.

Dr. Guy Hatchard

It’s a form of hubris. People have started to play God.

I think you can see this in politics is that your last guest was talking about this, that people really believe in themselves and their authority. Our whole system of having stakeholders has disappeared.

Historically, democracy had stakeholders. And it dates right back to King John and the Magna Carta when he had to, instead of he had to rule with the Barons instead of over them.

And we have had scientists, we have had people in medicine and so on. And the government has moved away from that model. They no longer have stakeholders, they play it more like a reality TV game where there’s only one winner and he tells every way he gets all the money and he tells everyone what to do.

And, this kind of psychology is wrapped up with it. Plus, there’s this idea that has been sold to everyone that biotechnology is going to cure every disease. And this is the big lie.

Look at the research. It’s highly mutagenic. It’s the gene therapy that has been huge over the last 30 years. It’s not working.

Mark Steyn

Now, that’s a very good point. And it’s good of you to remind us of Magna Carta, we need to get some of these guys into a big baggy field off the River Thames and do that to them all over again.

Thank you very much Guy.

We’re gonna stay on this and we will watch we will read what you write and we will watch for other studies from Germany and Poland and such places.

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