Podcast – John Rifici on New Zealand’s chance to push back on covid vaccines

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Tim Lynch

Where it has been tried by the Romans, Attila the Hun to Hitler, but they never achieved a truly global conquest.

Well, today this is the latest ambition of globalists: the 0.001% and they have technologies that reach deep into people’s homes and by using psychological means are able to monitor all differing contingencies within the soul of all nations.

Not only that, they have a level of centralisation of wealth and power – and corruption that has enabled an unprecedented attempt to destroy freedoms and rights – globally.

The pretext for this ‘has been in the works’ for quite a long time – this has been a result of decades of 24/7 (well paid) think tanks and strategies and planning. (e.g. supercomputer scenarios).

What we are seeing now is a culmination of the most ambitious tyrannical project to be conceived by human aspirants to totalitarianism. And the pretext for this is which is the perfect pretext – basically it’s so much better than the terrorism bogeyman or some nation as a bogeyman – it’s a microbe.

Joe says that it is “pathetic” – that fear has been unleashed on the global population and that it has been ramped up to such a degree it is causing psychological havoc among the human population.

That they are giving up their rights and freedoms and that using as the pretext – germs as a disease on the human race.  So as to be cowered at this moment to be controlled and become servile and allow the removal of democratic freedoms and human rights.

It is so easy – especially when you have the total corruption of ‘mainstream corporate mass media’ – and he says let’s face it – they are the linchpin –  saying that none of this would be possible if we had a shred of real journalism left in widespread mass media.

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