PM Ardern confirms unvaccinated will have fewer rights than the vaccinated

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By Michael Kelly – report and commentary

Speaking to a New Zealand Herald reporter, in an interview published on Saturday 23 October 2021, New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed that those who are vaccinated against covid-19 will have more rights and freedoms than those who are not vaccinated.

If allowed to stand then New Zealand is no longer the free country we have enjoyed. The government’s policy, enacted in your name, will lead to a two-tier society of the privileged and the under-privileged. This is not what our forefathers went to war for more than 80 years ago.

Whether you support the trial vaccination programme or not, the issue before us is far bigger than a programme of medication. It is now down to freedom to choose what goes into our body and the liberty of our children and grandchildren.

You may not realise it, but the jab is voluntary – you have to agree to be injected and sign your agreement. Many people have reluctantly agreed to take the vaccine (some were happy to do so). Then there was a second dose – to meet the government’s ‘double jab’ request. Coming soon will be the booster shot (possibly Novovax). Then another.

Then the vaccine passport will come (likely from IBM who incidentally did very well out of the Second World War), and we can assume the passport is only valid so long as your booster shots are kept up to date.

In addition, the so-called Traffic Lights system across District Health Board (DHB) areas will carve up the country into ‘go’ and ‘no-go’ areas on the whim of our government.

And let’s not forget the youngsters, for they too will likely need a covid passport, and that could mean (because we don’t know for sure) a lifetime of injections and pills to keep the passport valid.

The time to make a decision is upon us. And the beauty is that we can stop this by doing nothing. If enough people say no to the jab the proposed system collapses – that should take a few weeks.

Yes, Ardern will shout and threaten like a school teacher in front of an unruly class of children. But hold the line.

Bottom line…New Zealand will be the test bed (as it is for many things) – let’s scupper the experiment.

For the full interview with Ardern see NZ Herald Traffic Light interview and on the NZ Herald YouTube channel (comments disabled).

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