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Press release

Businesses inside the Auckland Alert Level Boundary will need to register for travel documents using an online register if they want to leave or enter the city, says the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment.

This Business Travel Register allows businesses to request and receive travel documents for workers who need to cross an Auckland “alert level 3” boundary [which ended 21 Feb].

For permitted travel and special exemptions, the Register will produce a business travel document for each worker. The document can then be used at checkpoints (says MBIE), “making passage much quicker and simpler for both workers and police”.

The Register uses the New Zealand Business Number that most companies already have, but can be used without one. It will inform businesses if the type of travel they have requested is permitted, and sends automated emails to update them on the process – such as downloading travel documents.

Any information that is entered into the Register is confidential. The personal information provided in the request (limited to employee names) will only be used for the purpose of approving travel documentation requests.

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