Pfizer jab contamination allegations – no response, no explanation from NZ Government

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New Zealand politicians and health officials were last month shown evidence that vials of the Pfizer “vaccines” being forced on Kiwis may contain complex “nanotechnology” – evidence met with silence from Ardern’s government.

Since mid-2021, New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) has seen credible reports from scientists in Spain, Germany, Argentina and last week in the UK who have seen apparently graphene-based technology in Pfizer jabs. These jabs, including Pfizer Comirnaty used by New Zealand’s health system to address Covid-19 are not strictly vaccines, but mRNA therapies.

NZDSOS first contacted New Zealand’s Government and Medsafe on September 27 2021 to raise concerns after these reports first began to emerge, but they have been consistently silent.

Concerned about the lack of response to this evidence, alongside elevated death and injury rates post-injection and potential on-going medical problems for vaccinated citizens, NZDSOS bought a high quality microscope and obtained it’s own startling images.

Immediately we were put in contact contact with scientists doing dark field microscopy analysis of Pfizer Comirnaty vials. Images revealed what appeared to be synthetic microtechnology components. Measuring mere microns, (thousandths of a millimetre, or micrometres) these structures are extremely small. It seems they are either unwanted contamination, or else components deliberately included for an undisclosed purpose.

Many of the images show very sharp edges and angles, which would seem likely to cause injury to
blood vessels and organs. Autopsy evidence from overseas shows catastrophic tissue damage.

NZDSOS supplied this latest evidence to Medsafe, and also to members of the New Zealand Parliament Health Select Committee on Friday 28th January 2022. Of four separate approaches to Government, none yielded any significant response to the evidence presented, and vaccination of Kiwis has continued apace, now to children as young as five years old and intended soon to infants.

NZDSOS calls for an immediate halt to the injection of this material until the contaminants are identified or explained and the experimental Pfizer mRNA vaccine is fully tested and proven to be unconditionally safe. Why this casual reaction by Government agencies to allegations that this mandated and mass-administered medication may be contaminated? A brand of pasta sauce would immediately be pulled from shelves if food safety agencies received complaints of contamination.

To the best knowledge of NZDSOS members and contributors, the existence of microscale self-assembling components in the Comirnaty vials has never been disclosed to NZ health authorities by Pfizer, and Medsafe has never commissioned any independent safety testing of the Pfizer product. The rollout — first to New Zealand adults, then teenagers, and last month to our primary schoolers – has been done on the basis of supposed safety data.

Details of the agreement between Ardern’s Government and the pharmaceutical giant have been withheld from the New Zealand public, who have been forced to accept the injection of Pfizer’s mRNA-based “vaccine” or lose jobs, participation in sport and many other freedoms. This apparent discovery of undisclosed materials resembling electronic components in New Zealand vaccine vials, in addition to $2.3Billion in fines imposed on Pfizer in 2009 for fraudulent marketing and paying kickbacks to officials, is yet more justification for New Zealanders to reject Ardern Government’s cavalier and unkind approach to public health.

This approach, acknowledged as one of the most authoritarian in the Western world, has trampled over previous norms of informed consent and personal freedom even before this new evidence of nanotechnology in the jabs emerged.

In 2021 Medsafe was found to be breaching its own rules by the High Court after they issued provisional consent for this Pfizer Comirnaty jab to be injected en masse into New Zealand citizens. In response to this ruling, the Government quickly changed the law to bypass those regulations designed to keep New Zealanders safe.

The initial response by NZ Police to these images, and to the legally-validated evidence emerging overseas for months now, appears similar to that of MPs, Medsafe, Ministers, and Crown Law: incredulous disbelief at the thought of a crime so monstrous, global and premeditated that it prompts them to bury their heads in the sand.

If our media, flush with over $100 million of the $69.1billion Finance Minister Grant Robertson has committed to “combating Covid 19”, do not address the apparent discovery of undisclosed nanotechnology in the Pfizer jabs imposed on Kiwis, we must demand to know why not, and assume the worst about their role in imposing this saga on New Zealand.

Should we let all those professional guardians of the public good dismiss this evidence and make no effort to investigate or explain it themselves? While the Government’s contract with Pfizer may preclude any independent government testing, Police are under no such restraint if in pursuit of a crime, and it’s past time for them to step up.

Every vaccinated police person is a potential victim of an apparent global crime, along with everyone else who took the jab.

We say to Police Commissioner Andrew Coster ‘the eyes of the world are already on the amazing rebirth happening at our parliament, and now they are on you’. If you expect public order, then act to protect public safety, which is under dire threat. Investigate the criminal evidence we have presented to Police already, and demand an immediate vaccine halt whilst you do so.

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